Willard Legacy Update #1

Continuing the Work of Dallas Willard

March 2018 Update


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

Thank you for your interest in receiving updates about the ongoing work of Dallas Willard. Our intention with these updates is to simply and succinctly keep you informed of announcements, activities and resources that you may find beneficial, and to provide links with details if you’d like to know more. This month, we have three new books to tell you about and some exciting news in the academic community:


Now Available: Life Without Lack: Living in the Fullness of Psalm 23

Dallas loved the 23rd Psalm. This book comes from an 8-part series he taught in 1991, when he shared his insights about what our lives could be like if we really believed Psalm 23 to be true. We invite you to read the Preface on our website for the whole story about how this book came to be.  [More About The Book]

Coming in April: On-Line Life Without Lack Course
Jan Johnson & Matt Rhodes will be leading a 6-week on-line course based on the content of Life Without Lack. The course begins on April 9, and is designed for individuals & groups.

Interested? You can sign up now or join us for a free sneak-peak online workshop on April 5, 10:00 am or April 6, 4:00 pm (both Pacific time).  If you sign-up for the free workshop by March 30, you will also be entered in the Life Without Lack Giveaway:  http://lifewithoutlack.net/


Available March 27: Becoming Dallas Willard: The Formation of a Philosopher, Teacher, and Christ Follower

Sponsored by the Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation and authored by Gary Moon, this biography gives us an opportunity to discover the many influences that helped Dallas grow in faith and knowledge throughout his life. Many thanks to Gary Moon, Michael Robb, and the many other contributors among Dallas’s friends, colleagues and family for their loving and careful investments in this project.  [More About The Book]


Announcing: The Dallas Willard Chair in Christian Spiritual Formation
Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, has established an endowed Dallas Willard Chair in Christian Spiritual Formation.  Dr. James Bryan Smith (pictured here with Dallas) will be the first professor to hold the chair. “Dallas’s dream was to see formation built into a discipline, that it would take root in our colleges and universities and the study of spiritual formation would continue to flourish,” said Smith. This is a permanent endowment, and the curricula for the Christian Spiritual Formation undergraduate and Masters degrees are based on Dallas’s approach to spiritual formation. We are grateful to see Dallas’s legacy, and his partnership with Jim, continuing in this way. [More]


Coming in June: The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge

And now… something the Willard family has waited over 15 years to say…The manuscript of The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge has now been completed! When three of Dallas’s former graduate students, all of whom are well established in their own careers as philosophy professors and authors, offered their assistance with the book in early May of 2013, Dallas’s response was, “Now, THEY could do it!” And they have! For more about the book and the authors who completed it, including some video of Dallas teaching on this topic, see this blog post on the Evangelical Philosophical Society website.


As we approach our remembrance of Good Friday and our Lord’s Resurrection, let’s close with these thoughts Dallas shared in Life Without Lack:

The events of Christ’s death and resurrection demonstrated to his followers and other observers that what Jesus said about the kingdom and its availability was and is true. To live through and beyond torture and the cross in resurrection life shows the presence of God among men. Knowledge of this presence and the unfailing availability of God to those who trust him led Jesus to say all the beautiful things that we wistfully acknowledge but hardly believe to be true: all those things about birds and flowers being in the care of God, and about how we need never be anxious or afraid, no matter what comes, even crucifixion.

Jesus’ basic idea about this world—with all its evil, pushed to the limit in what he went through going toward and nailed upon the cross—is that this world is a perfectly good and safe place for anyone to be, no matter the circumstances, if they have placed their lives in the hands of Jesus and his Father. In such a world we never have to do what we know to be wrong, and we never need be afraid. Jesus practiced what he preached, even as he was tortured and killed. And multitudes of his followers have chosen to do the same.


In the fellowship of the Divine Conspiracy,

Rebecca Willard Heatley
on behalf of the Dallas Willard family and Dallas Willard Ministries




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