Willard Legacy Update #4

Continuing the Work of Dallas Willard: August 2018 Update

Continuing the Work of Dallas Willard

August 2018 Update


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

We have a wonderful surprise to share with you:

Yesterday we were notified that the publishers of The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge are making the entire book available to read on ReadCube for FREE for 60 days. So you have until October 29th to read over 400 pages! Or you could adapt your reading along the lines of these recommendations from Steve Porter, Aaron Preston and Gregg Ten Elshof:

The best guide for non-philosophers is to read the Introduction (which gives an overview of the book), Chapter 1 (which lays out the problem of "the disappearance of moral knowledge"), and Chapter 8 (which offers further thoughts about the problem, and outlines a possible route to a solution). Chapters 2-7 consist in exposition and criticism of some prominent ethical theories from the 19th and 20th centuries.  These chapters are more difficult, even for us philosophers, so be aware that you're in for a challenge if you decide to work through them. Whatever you choose to read, you will quickly see that Dallas is writing to contemporary ethical theorists and trying to expose a fundamental problem with ethical theorizing today—namely, the disappearance of moral knowledge. For those of you more familiar with Dallas' spiritual formation writings than his philosophical writings, you might want to think about how Dallas' central claim regarding the disappearance of moral knowledge is connected to his views about the lack of spiritual knowledge amongst Christians (think Knowing Christ Today, Divine Conspiracy, etc.). You might also consider how Dallas' proposal of 'the good person' as the primary object of moral investigation and the good will as the fundamental moral distinction (see chapter 8) relate to his views regarding the person of Jesus and the role of the will in spiritual formation.


Coming Soon: On-Line Life Without Lack Course

Jan Johnson & Matt Rhodes are preparing to lead their second 6-week on-line course based on the content of Life Without Lack. The course is designed as a study for individuals & groups, and we heard wonderful feedback about this course last Spring. Sign up here to receive an email when the dates are announced and enrollment begins.


New Free Resources Made Available On Our Website This Month:

Our Audio and Video page lists new additions at the top in the “Added Recently” section. This month we have added audio from a 2-day conference, a Saturday morning seminar, and a pastors’ luncheon:

  • "Beyond Belief” is the conference title of this 6-session series from May 1-2, 1998. All the things that we hear in Christian teaching can actually become reality, and our life can be a life that is beyond belief. (6 ¾ hrs)
  • Under the title “From Forgiveness to Blessing,” Dallas teaches on how to give and accept forgiveness and how this allows us to move into “living from God,” which then flows into blessing those around us. (2 ½ hrs)
  • Dallas spoke at a leadership luncheon at Seattle Pacific University in January of 2000 on the topic of Pastoral Leadership in the New Millennium: Leading Through Spiritual Formation. (50 mins)

In our articles section we have pulled a few things out of the archives and added the following:

  • The Foreword to Jan Johnson’s Invitation to the Jesus Life  (2008).
  • The Foreword to Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken’s Renovation of the Church: What Happens When a Seeker Church Discovers Spiritual Formation (2011).
  • Live Life to the Full - Christian Herald (U.K.) 14 April 2001
  • Why is Everyone So Angry? - published in Focus on the Family’s Citizen magazine in 1993.

And since this is a season for discussing moral knowledge, we’ve added a syllabus for a course Dallas taught in the Spring of 1999 entitled  Seminar in Ethics: The Loss of Moral Knowledge.

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In the fellowship of the Divine Conspiracy,

Rebecca Willard Heatley
on behalf of the Dallas Willard family and Dallas Willard Ministries

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