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Apologetics Glossary

Handout (Christianity, Philosophy)

Apologetics:   A helping ministry of believers, relevant to both the evangelistic and the pastoral role, in which people with existential, concrete problems that hinder their trusting God in Christ are helped to a better view of the truths of...


Apologetics in Action

Article (Christianity)

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM DR. WILLARD ABOUT THIS ARTICLE: I've been told that in this article I seem to say that a Buddhist who is a good person can "be saved" without accepting Jesus. This appears to be a fairly...


Craftiness of Christ (The)

Article (Christianity)

The Passion of the Christ is a work of art. This means that it utilizes a medium to convey a vision of some serious aspect of the human condition. The medium in the case of a film has several levels:...


Preface: The Allure of Gentleness

Foreword/Intro/Afterword (Christianity, Philosophy)

“What are the hard questions that smother faith?”—Dallas Willard   The question above comes from a conversation I had with my father, Dallas Willard, about this book. Answering hard questions is what he wanted the book...

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