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Ethical Foundations for Leadership

Lecture (Christianity)

It is commonly thought that, at some point, one in a leadership or professional role has to choose between being a good person and being a good leader: that, in some circumstances, at least, one cannot be both.  Also,...


Knowing What’s True. Doing What’s Good.

Lecture (Christianity, Philosophy)

In preparation for the symposium, we invite you to watch Dr. Willard's 2010 lecture on Moral Knowledge.   PROGRAM: Knowing What's True. Doing What's Good. Monday, February 3, 2020  --  Knowing What's True 9:00 a.m. ...


Why it Matters if You Are Moral

Lecture (Philosophy)

Who Is The Morally Good Person: Morally good persons are those who, in their overall existence, are devoted to advancing the various goods of human life with which they are effectively in contact, in a manner that respects their relative...

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