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Announcing the Moral Knowledge Initiative

Article (Christianity, Philosophy)

Day after day we read news stories that underscore the dark impact of the fading of moral knowledge from public view. The 2018 publication of Dallas’s The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge has inspired us to take action toward restoring...


Conduct Theory and the Prospects of Moral Philosophy

Article (Philosophy)

ABSTRACT This paper revisits the effort to put moral knowledge on a secular and scientific basis by the analysis of “conduct.”  Starting from the works of Herbert Spencer in the 1870’s, mutating through the works of...


Ethical Foundations for Leadership

Lecture (Christianity)

It is commonly thought that, at some point, one in a leadership or professional role has to choose between being a good person and being a good leader: that, in some circumstances, at least, one cannot be both.  Also,...


Foreword: Christianity in the Academy

Foreword/Intro/Afterword (Christianity)

The unceasing human problem that lies back of the historical contrast between Athens and Jerusalem is the problem of finding an adequate basis in knowledge for life.  Stated another way, it is the problem of dealing with reality in...


Preface: The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge

Foreword/Intro/Afterword (Philosophy)

Human life has an inescapable moral dimension. That is, it essentially involves choices with reference to what is good and evil, right and wrong, duty and failure to do what ought to be done. Any human community, whatever its scope,...


Where Is Moral Knowledge?

Article (Christianity)

We live in a day of moral bewilderment and confusion. It is not the first time this kind of thing has happened.  A social critic named “Isaiah” described his time as one in which the populace was...


Willard Legacy Update #1

Article (Christianity, Philosophy)

Continuing the Work of Dallas Willard March 2018 Update   Dear Fellow Pilgrims, Thank you for your interest in receiving updates about the ongoing work of Dallas Willard. Our intention with these updates is to simply and succinctly keep you informed...

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