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Dallas Willard’s website was created in 2000 when he realized it was a way to give people around the world access to his articles and recordings for free. While Dallas is no longer with us on this earth, the legacy he leaves behind as a friend, philosopher and reformer of the church continues to change lives today.

Pastor Bill Dwyer

Receive the Generous Blessing

Dallas and Jane's pastor, Bill Dwyer, encourages us to receive Dallas's teaching and use it for the kingdom of God.

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Free Resources

The generous contributions of the Dallas Willard Ministries community allow us offer the resources on this site as a way of continuing to make Dallas’s life-changing teaching freely available to as many people as possible. Please use our Search feature to find topics you would like to study, or browse our Resources section for something that sparks your interest. You'll find free articles, audio, video, short clips for use in classroom and church settings, and even some philosophy course syllabi. We also offer a Speakers Bureau to connect you with teachers who walked closely with Dallas in his Philosophy and Spiritual Formation work and are expanding on his ideas in their own teaching and writing. 

We hope that this will be a place where you can find answers to your questions, including what Dallas called The Four Great Questions of Life:
1. What is Reality?
2. Who is well-off? (What is Blessedness? The Good Life?)
3. Who is a really good person?
4. How does one become a really good person?

Be ready to take notes as you listen to the teaching. You may find it helpful to download the summaries of Dallas's definitions, key concepts and diagrams.


Dallas's books (and the small group curricula based on them) are sold by all major book sellers. Visit our Books section to learn more about each title. In many cases, there is a link to a free audio or video series that will walk you through much of the content of the book. There are also links to the different versions and formats that are available for purchase (including translations). As a sales associate with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors, we earn a small commission from qualifying items purchased through our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is there an order to Dallas’s Christian books? A logical progression?
There is a definitive order these five books: Hearing God, The Spirit of the Disciplines, The Divine Conspiracy, Renovation of the Heart, and Knowing Christ Today. See our "About the Books" page to learn more.
How can I sign up for the Dallas Willard daily devotional emails?
Our friends at send out a small devotional reading from one of Dallas’s books every morning with a thought to encourage and inspire you as you begin your day.
How can I get permission to quote Dallas’s material?
Permission to reprint published material needs to be obtained directly from the publisher. For permission to use any other content, requests can be sent to the Willard family through this link:
Is there a blog or discussion forum where we can discuss what we’re learning from Dallas?
A Facebook group called Dallas Willard is my Homeboy has been steadily growing since 2011. Facebook membership is not required to read the posts, but you must join the group if you want to post anything yourself.
How can I support the work of DWM?
We welcome your participation in this ministry in three ways: financial partnership through tax-deductible donations, contributions of time and talents with our volunteer team, helping us complete our resource collection by sending us copies of any recordings or handouts from Dallas’s meetings or classes that you may have.
How will the School of Kingdom Living help me?
The objective of the School of Kingdom Living is to bring participants into a more interactive life with God, while forming meaningful, authentic relationships with other students in the cohort. You will also come away from the program with excellent resources and content to help others in their discipleship journey.

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Dallas Willard Ministries

One of the questions Dallas often asked was if anyone knew of a church or organization that claimed to “teach people to do what Jesus said.” In partnership with a network of Dallas’s friends, family, colleagues, ministry partners and students, DWM seeks to teach people to do what Jesus said by offering resources for spiritual formation and illuminating what apprenticeship to Jesus Christ means within all the dimensions of human existence; to form the whole person so that the nature of Christ becomes the natural expression of our souls, bodies, and spirits throughout our daily lives.

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