Dallas Willard Ministries equips people to live in a daily interactive relationship with God through a fresh hearing of Jesus’ life and teachings.


Dallas Willard Ministries

  • a non-profit ministry built upon the legacy and teaching of Dallas Willard
  • cultivating disciples of Jesus, not generating Dallas Willard enthusiasts


  • training people to think and act on what the Bible teaches
  • empowering people with the vision, intention, and means for transformation into Christlikeness
  • equipping Christians as they follow Jesus in their world in His Kingdom now


  • across denominational and cultural boundaries
  • all generations
  • anyone desiring to explore the reality of God
  • inviting discussion among all faiths and philosophies, with a shared goal of seeking truth


to live in a daily interactive relationship with God

  • learning to hear God’s voice
  • participating in the “divine conspiracy” to build a Beloved Community
  • understanding the relational nature of spiritual disciplines
  • exploring true knowledge of God
  • grasping the vision, locking onto the intention, implementing the means to follow Jesus in our world in his Kingdom now


through a fresh hearing of Jesus’ life and teachings.

  • living in a manner that Jesus lived
  • understanding how Jesus brought the Kingdom of God in a greater dimension
  • demonstrating love in out-of-the-box ways
  • surrendering selfish desires for the sake of others
  • demonstrating the with-God kind of life to the world around us

A Note from Our President

Thank you for your interest in Dallas Willard Ministries! I am grateful for the opportunities God is giving us to share the good things we have learned from Dallas. The impact of his teaching has changed many lives and even been credited with starting the Spiritual Formation movement. His influence in academic and philosophical circles continues to bring God glory in “secular” settings. Our desire is to make Dallas’s teaching more and more available so that everyone can know the joy of living in the fullness of the Kingdom of God here on earth in every moment of every day. What a great gift!

Jan Johnson

Plans to make Dallas's teaching more readily available include providing the following resources:

  • expanded website resources
  • online courses
  • more downloadable audio
  • sharing more previously unpublished writing and teaching
  • brief video teaching clips
  • expanded social media presence
  • syllabi and other resources for philosophy professors
  • a comprehensive catalogue of Willard videos available on-line

We would love to hear from you! If you would like to contribute or partner with us in these projects, or if there are other resources you are hoping to see, please contact us at dwministries@dwillard.org. We appreciate your ideas and support!

- The Dallas Willard Ministries Board of Directors


Pictured: Terri Taylor, Bill Dwyer, Rebecca Willard Heatley, Jan Johnson, Larissa Heatley

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