Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus


A Series on Biblical (Christlike) Apologetics
Recorded at Grace Church in Los Alamitos, CA
April 1990

Apologetics as a Fundamental New Testament Ministry
The Biblical Example and Teaching About the Use of Reason as a Helping, Loving Ministry.

Lifting Doubts About the Reality of God and the Spiritual World
Why the Physical (Natural) World Cannot Exist on Its Own.
What the Supraphysical World Must be Like.
Why Evolution Cannot Answer Such Questions.
History With and Without God.

Lifting Doubts About Communication Between God and Man
Purpose in Human History Implied by Its Creator.
Why There Would of Course be a Chosen People and a Bible.
Objections Raised to the Particular Form the Bible Takes–Turned to the Advantage of God's High Purposes with Humanity.
Doubts About God's Personal Word to individuals.

Lifting Doubts About Living and Acting with God in the Kingdom of the Heavens
The Reasonableness and the Actualities of Prayer.
Acting with God ("Synergism") in the Kingdom Now.
Life in the Kingdom as the Only Ultimate Apologetic.

Final Question and Answer Session
The questions are almost inaudible, but the primary topic of discussion is the way God speaks to us.

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