Hearing God:
Developing a Conversational
Relationship with God


The recordings below are from a conference led by Dallas Willard and Bill Heatley at
St. Peter's Anglican Church in Birmingham, AL

August 5-6, 2011

Session 1, Dallas Willard - Theological Foundations of the "Hearing God" Life

  • The Life of the Trinity as Communicating Community.
  • The Purpose of Creation.
  • The Spiritual Nature of Man and His Kingdom Under God. Gen. 1:26.
  • The Gospel of Jesus-Return to the Kingdom. Col. 3:17.

Session 2, Bill Heatley - Our Work and Our Jobs in Kingdom Context

  • The Purpose of Work as God intended.
  • Hearing God Through our Giftedness, Ministry, Joy.

Session 3, Dallas Willard - Experiences of "Hearing God"

  • Biblical Patterns and What They have to Teach Us.
  • The "Normal" Way It Works-Then and Now.
  • The Nature and Meaning of "The Still, Small Voice." I Kings 19:12
  • Why God's Voice Is So Gentle and Must Be Sought.

Session 4, Dallas Willard - The "Sermon on the Mount" and Other Essential Biblical Teachings as the Framework of a Hearing God Life

  • The Essential Role of Spiritual Disciplines in This Life.

Session 5, Dallas Willard - Barriers to and Blessings of a Hearing God Life

  • Standard Objections to and Problems for a life of Hearing God.
  • Why It Is So Important for All Disciples to Understand and Practice the Hearing God Life.
Session 6, Bill Heatley - Making Space for God at work
  • Slaves and Soldiers: Ephesians 6:5-17
  • The Discipline of Silence
  • Working in the Power of God

Closing Question and Answer Session