Meeting God in Scripture


March 4 - April 26, 2019



Event Description

This 8 week online course begins March 4, just in time for Lent. It includes exercises Jan Johnson used in Dallas's Fuller Seminary DMin class as well as comments he made on all the eight passages of Scripture.  Free webinars on Feb 26 & 28th!

Why We  Meditate on Scripture  (benefits)    
    Exercise: Luke 15 Lost Sheep
Using the Imagination in Meditation; What Is Contemplation?     
     Exercise: Matt 14 Peter Walking on Water
Letting Go of Distractions and Staying Present with God        
     Exercise: Isaiah 11:1-9  The Good and Peacable Kingdom
Bible Study as a Partner to Meditation
    Exercise: Psalm 91 Facing the Fearful Journey
Changing from the Inside      
     Exercise: John 15: Being Transformed into Christlikeness
You’re Not Just Making Stuff Up 
     Exercise: Mark 5:22-34  Jesus Healing Life’s Wounds & Hurts
Being Honest with God, Praying Scripture;   Doing Lectio with a Group  
     Exercise: Luke 7:11-17 Stepping Out In Compassion
How to Meditate on Your Own 
     Exercise: Eph 3:14-21  Cooperating with the Power of God

Interact with the class on course page and private Facebook page.
Optional Add-ons:  Group lectio via Zoom, individual spiritual direction session
Produced by Matt Rhodes and Jan Johnson.

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