Through the Window to the Garden: C.S. Lewis & the Recovery of Virtue


February 22-23, 2019


Cal Poly, Pomona, CA

Event Description

75 years ago, C.S. Lewis delivered three lectures to Kings College, Newcastle. In them, he sounded the alarm about philosophical changes to education and culture in his day and predicted what might happen if “education without virtue” became commonplace. Published as The Abolition of Man, Lewis’ predictions have only gained in prominence as many of them have come true in our time.

What can we do when our education produces men and women without virtue, who then go on and create a culture where there are no absolute truths?

This conference commemorates Lewis’ achievement in The Abolition of Man, and will explore with us what can be done to restore virtue to education so that we may develop leaders of integrity and honor to shape our world for the better.

Conference Website is co-sponsored by the family of Dallas Willard, Dallas Willard Ministries, and FiveStone.