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Life Without Lack

This 8-part series on how to live in the reality of the 23rd Psalm was presented as a mid-week evening Bible study at Valley Vista Christian Community, Dallas and Jane’s home church, in 1991. Later material from Dallas' teaching on these topics has been blended into the transcripts of these recordings and published in a book, Life Without Lack, in 2018. We invite you to follow along with a copy of his original handout.  WARNING: While the teaching quality is wonderful, the audio quality is not!

1991 | discipleship, spiritual formation, christlikeness, with-god, christianity, knowledge, apologetics, evil, faith, love, reality

Shaping Our Inner World

Presented at the InterVarsity conference in Chicago at the end of 1998.
Warning: This was recorded on a cassette tape, so the sound quality is a bit muddy, and Dallas spoke longer than the length of the tape which meant that the final minutes of the talk were not recorded.

12-29-98 | discipleship, christlikeness, spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines

Faith, Virtue and Knowledge

A convocation address given at Gordon College.

knowledge, virtue, faith

Exactly Why the Local Church is the Hope of the World

From the 2006 conference, “True Spirituality: The Life You Were Meant to Live,” held at Christ Community Church in Leawood, KS.

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