Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI, January 24-25, 2008.

2008 | discipleship, with god, christianity, worship, will, flesh, desire

Renovare Regional Conference: Ortberg, Willard, Foster

Menlo Church, Menlo Park, CA, November 2005.

- My Grace is Sufficient for You - Dallas Willard
- Transforming Grace - Richard J. Foster
- The Renovare Balanced Vision - Richard J. Foster, John Ortberg, and Dallas Willard
- The Renovare Practical Strategy - Richard J. Foster
- Q&A & Jesus' Grand Invitation of Grace - Richard J. Foster, John Ortberg, and Dallas Willard

2005 | ChristianAudio | grace, renovare, transformation, spiritual formation

For Such a Time as This

Dr. Willard spoke at the Baylor University and Truitt Seminary church staff retreat February 23-24, 2004.

- "For Such a Time as This'--Streams in the Desert and Wells of Living Water:
   Christ's Congregations as Fountains of Light and Life" (Isaiah 43:19-21; John 4:10-14)

- "Finding the Kingdom of God Now, Though Jesus and His Words"
   (Matthew 6:32-33; John 6:63; 8:51-52)

- "Living Without Hurry and Worry in 'Such a Time as This'"
   (Philippians 4:4-9; Psalm23)

2004 | ChristianAudio | eternal living, kingdom, knowledge, character, leadership, church, pastors

The Cross and Discipleship

Three sessions on discipleship from the "Pursuing Truth in Love" conference hosted by CrossWalk, May 8-10, 2003, in Anaheim, CA.

2003 | discipleship, spiritual disciplines, christlikeness, flesh, desire, salvation

Living in the Kingdom of God

During this Regional Renovare Conference from the Spring of 2002, James Bryan Smith and Dallas Willard explored the possibilities for and practicalities of living in God's Kingdom on a day-to-day basis. Filled with helpful insights and encouraging challenges, the majority of talks are followed by dialogue between the presenters and the audience.
- Free and Alive in Christ (Smith)
- The Fine Texture of Life in the Kingdom of the Heavens (Willard)
- Kingdoms in Cooperation (Willard)
- Inviting Others to Experience God's Kingdom (Smith)
- Q&A (Smith and Willard)
- The Kingdom and the Local Church Congregation (Willard)

2002 | ChristianAudio | church, discipleship, kingdom, christlikeness

Authentic Leaders

In the trials and temptations of ministry, who keeps you accountable in ministry? Who can you turn to for support and prayer when you are tempted or hurting? Where are you spending your time? Part of The Pastor’s Update from Fuller Theological Seminary, this 3 hour recording also features talks by John Ortberg, Rick Warren, H.B. London, J. Van Vonderen, and Carl George. 

2006 | ChristianAudio | discipleship, spiritual formation, christlikeness, accountability, leadership

Divine Conspiracy Conference

Each General Session of the Renovare International Conference in Houston, Texas, corresponded with a chapter in Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy. Recorded June 30 through July 3, 1999, the sessions were presented by many of the Renovare Team Members.

- Living the Divine Conspiracy - Dallas Willard

- Discipleship: Beyond Sin Management - Roger Fredrikson

- God Wants To Be Seen - Dallas Willard

- Everyone Wants the Good Life - Marti Ensign

- The Kingdom Heart of Agape Love in the Holy Spirit - Siang-Yang Tan

- Nourishing the Inner Life - Donn Thomas

- Doorways into the Prayerful Life - Emilie Griffin

- Whose Disciple Are You? - James Bryan Smith

- The Ways and Means of Grace - Richard J. Foster

- ...and the Life Everlasting - William Vaswig

1999 | ChristianAudio | gospel, spiritual formation, discipleship, christlikeness, church, divine conspiracy, sermon on the mount, grace, sin management

The With-God Life: The Dynamics of Scripture for Christian Spiritual Transformation

There recordings from the Renovaré International Conference in Denver, Colorado, were presented June 19-22, 2005, by many of the Renovare Team Members:

- "Get a Life!: The With-God Life" by Richard J. Foster

- "Plain People Lifted Into God's March Through Human History: The With-God Life Under the Hebrew Covenant" by Dallas Willard

- "Never Without a Witness: The With-God Life in the Intertestamental Period" by David deSilva

- "No Longer Alone with God as Jesus in the Eternal Kingdom - NOW: The With-God Life Under the New Covenant" by Dallas Willard

- "Longing for God and the Quest for Meaning in Life: The With-God Life through Christian History" by Gayle Beebe

- "Walking Cheerfully Over the Earth: The With-God Life and the Individual Today" by Glandion Carney

- At Home with God: The With-God Life and the Family Today" by Brenda Quinn

- "Being the People of God: The With-God Life and the Congregation Today" by Todd Hunter

- "One Body, Many Members, All in Christ: The With-God Life and the Church Today" by Michelle Lee

- "From Here to Eternity - With God Forever: The With-God Life into Eternity" by Virginia Owens

2005 | ChristianAudio | kingdom living, christlikeness, with-god, human history, church, family

Holy Living

Dallas gave two presentations at the Azusa Pacific University School of Theology's 2010 Malcolm R. Robertson Lectureship on Holy Living. Recorded September 20, 2010.

9/29/2010 | YouTube | holiness, postmodernism, scripture

Kingdom Living Conference

This conference was led by Todd Hunter and Dallas Willard at Church of the Open Door, Mineapolis, MN, November 4-7, 2004.

2004 | discipleship, the church, christianity, community, spiritual formation, church culture

Beyond Belief

This 2-day conference was held at Grace Fellowship in Maryland on May 1-2, 1998. In titling the conference "Beyond Belief," Dallas was referring to the fact that we can live a life that encompasses what we read in the Bible and hear in our Christian teaching - a life that is beyond belief!

1998 | the bible, discipleship, knowledge, spiritual disciplines, prayer

Bringing Truth to Life

From the NavWorld Conference hosted in Colorado Springs January 17-20, 2008:


2008 | truth, knowledge, discipleship, christlikeness, education, moral knowledge

The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in the 20th Century

A series of 3 talks given at Wheaton College’s Staley Lecture Series, October 31 – November 2, 2001. The Moral Knowledge theme has a specific focus on “the emergence of Christianity without discipleship.” 

2001 | moral knowledge, disappearance of moral knowledge, discipleship, spiritual formation, knowledge, gospel is co-sponsored by the family of Dallas Willard, Dallas Willard Ministries, and FiveStone.