Course Syllabi

One of the reasons Dr. Willard was so highly respected as a teacher was because he handcrafted the syllabi for each class every time he taught it. He firmly believed that it was a disservice to his students to simply teach the same material over and over. He typed all of these himself, and kept previous versions of some of the pages for his own reference. In keeping with this, you will find some courses on this list more than once, and within each syllabus there may be different versions of handouts or tests reflecting the updates he made to the course over the years.

Seminar in Ethics: The Loss of Moral Knowledge

USC Course Phil540

Spring 1999

Contemporary Moral and Social Issues

USC Course Phil140g

Spring 2005

History of Western Philosophy: Modern Period

USC Course Phil320

Fall 2010

Metaphysics (Or: Systematic Ontology)

USC Course Phil460

Fall 2010

Ontology of Knowledge

BIOLA University

Summer 1997

Phenomenology Seminar: Constructionism and Phenomenology

USC Course Phil525

Fall 1997

Phenomenology Seminar: Phenomenology and Postmodernism

USC Course Phil525

Spring 1994

Phenomenology Seminar: The “Hermeneutical” Dimension of the Phenomenological Movement

USC Course Phil525

Spring 1992

Philosophy of Religion

USC Course Phil361

Spring 2011

Twentieth Century European Philosophy

USC Course Phil426

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