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Dallas Willard Ministries

Dallas Willard Ministries exists to proclaim, teach and manifest the love, truth and transforming power of Christ and the Kingdom of God. Abundant life through union with God is available here and now to all who place their confidence in Jesus Christ and become his disciple in Kingdom living.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to developing and disseminating the ideas, writings, and teachings that the Lord brought to life through Dallas. Our efforts are not centered on Dallas himself, but on the truth he continuously encouraged his "fellow pilgrims" to pursue. Dallas taught that the most important thing you and God get from your life is the person you become. We are here to support and encourage you in your journey into Christlikeness. We warmly invite you to connect with us and explore our resources and learning opportunities as you seek to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

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Our Vision

To equip people to live in a daily interactive relationship with God through a fresh hearing of Jesus’ life and teachings. (See our expanded Vision statement)

Our Intention

To present the reality of the kingdom of God now on earth and available to all. We are committed to empowering people to step into their “eternal destiny in God’s great universe.”

Our Core Values

Our History

Dallas participated in the planning for Dallas Willard Ministries at the time of its inception in 2013, emphasizing that the focus MUST be on Jesus, not Dallas. The Advisory Council that met with Dallas from 2001-2013 became the first Board of Directors. Those council members are all still directly involved with DWM, including Jan Johnson as our Board Chair, Keith Matthews who partners with Jan as the lead teachers in the School of Kingdom Living, Rebecca Willard Heatley as Communications Director, and Bill Dwyer as our YouTube channel director. We seek to do our work in the relational manner that Dallas embodied (following him as he followed Christ), with our emphasis on “Living in the Kingdom now” resulting in real change in people’s lives.

Welcome our new Content Manager/Director of Special Projects and Donor Relations

James Hutter

Dallas Willard Ministries is excited to welcome James Hutter to our staff as Content Manager/Director of Special Projects and Donor Relations. 

James holds bachelor’s degrees in Political Science (Messiah College) and Business Administration (Houghton College) along with Master’s degrees in Public Policy (Regent University) and Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership (Friends University). James stumbled upon Dallas Willard in 2007, wearing out numerous MP3s downloaded from He looked for years for a learning community where he could wrestle with Dallas’ ideas related to the Kingdom of God. The CSFL program/Apprentice Experience at Friends University proved to be the perfect fit. This program changed his life in profound ways including giving him the opportunity to get to know many of the good people of Dallas Willard Ministries.

Professionally, James served as an associate registrar at a Christian liberal arts college for 19 years followed by 3 years working as the CFO for a family medical practice. He has a passion for higher education, data management, all things C.S. Lewis and Dallas Willard, and Christian spiritual formation.

In late 2021, James began volunteering with DWM, spearheading resource development efforts that will make all of Dallas’s audio and video recordings easily text searchable along with the articles on, as we work toward a comprehensive searchable database of Dallas’s teaching. This work continues and meshes well with the additional responsibilities of his new position at DWM. 

James grew up in Troy, PA, and moved to Franklinville, NY, in 1999 when he married Sarah. In 2005 they began hosting international students coming to the US to study. The Hutter family still resides in Franklinville, where there are now 10 kids living in the house on normal days, and 13 during holidays.

Thank you for your interest in Dallas Willard Ministries! I am grateful for the opportunities God is giving us to share the good things we have learned from Dallas. The impact of his teaching has changed many lives and even been credited with starting the Spiritual Formation movement. His influence in academic and philosophical circles continues to bring God glory in “secular” settings. Our desire is to make Dallas’s teaching more and more available so that everyone can know the joy of living in the fullness of the Kingdom of God here on earth in every moment of every day. What a great gift!

Some organizations focus on spiritual transformation within universities; others focus on overall church renewal. We applaud them, count them as friends and partners, and wish to come alongside them with our simple emphasis of helping individuals become disciples of Jesus. Our core passion is to see people living in the Kingdom of God in ways that result in real change in their lives.

All ministries are a blend of Spirit-given ideas, anointed staff, prayer and finances. The magic happens when those things come synergistically together. We are grateful that the Lord is graciously connecting us with talented volunteers who are assisting us with developing resources that will help us introduce new audiences to what we’ve learned from Dallas. Please take a look at what we're working on in the list below. We are excited about this progress and ask for your prayers for our team as we place all these efforts in the hands of our gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jan Johnson - Chair, Dallas Willard Ministries

DWM is currently engaged in

Making Dallas's teaching more readily available


You Can Help

We invite you to partner with us in these projects by sharing your talents as a volunteer or through financial gifts. If you're interested in serving with DWM, please see our Volunteer Team page to learn more about how you can get involved. To support our efforts financially please visit our Donation page.