About Dallas Willard Ministries

Dallas Willard Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of developing and promoting the ideas, writings, and teachings that the Lord brought to the world through Dallas. We do not focus our efforts on Dallas himself, but on the truth toward which he was always directing his “fellow pilgrims.” We are humbled by the magnitude of the legacy he leaves behind and at the same time joyfully expectant as we see what God is doing as we follow where He leads us in partnership with many others whose lives were deeply changed by what they learned from Dallas.

We invite you to sign up for our Willard Legacy Updates so we can keep you up-to-date about newly available resources and opportunities related to Dallas's work. Simply send an email to info@dwillard.org with the word "Updates" in the title.

Our Vision: To equip people to live in a daily interactive relationship with God through a fresh hearing of Jesus’ life and teachings. (See our expanded Vision statement)

Our Intention: To present the reality of the kingdom of God now on earth and available to all. We are committed to empowering people to step into their “eternal destiny in God’s great universe.”

Our Means: God has graciously blessed DWM with dedicated partners, plans and opportunities to make our vision an increasing reality.

Our Core Values:
Cultivating disciples of Jesus, not generating Dallas Willard enthusiasts.
Empowering people with the VIM for transformation into Christlikeness.
Training people to think and act on what the Bible teaches.
Equipping Christians as they follow Jesus in their world in His Kingdom now.

Thank you for your interest in Dallas Willard Ministries! I am grateful for the opportunities God is giving us to share the good things we have learned from Dallas. The impact of his teaching has changed many lives and even been credited with starting the Spiritual Formation movement. His influence in academic and philosophical circles continues to bring God glory in “secular” settings. Our desire is to make Dallas’s teaching more and more available so that everyone can know the joy of living in the fullness of the Kingdom of God here on earth in every moment of every day. What a great gift!

Some organizations focus on spiritual transformation within universities; others focus on overall church renewal. We applaud them, count them as friends and partners, and wish to come alongside them with our simple emphasis of helping individuals become disciples of Jesus. Our core passion is to see people living in the Kingdom of God in ways that result in real change in their lives.

All ministries are a blend of Spirit-given ideas, anointed staff, prayer and finances. The magic happens when those things come synergistically together. We are grateful that the Lord is graciously connecting us with talented volunteers who are assisting us with developing resources that will help us introduce new audiences to what we’ve learned from Dallas. Please take a look at what we're working in in the list below. We are excited about this progress and ask for your prayers for our team as we place all these efforts in the hands of our gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jan Johnson
President, Dallas Willard Ministries

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