Audio & Video

Hear and see Dallas teach on a diverse range of subjects, from Spiritual Formation to Theology to Philosophy. This collection spans over 30 years of speaking, providing a free and easy way to become familiar with his teaching in a format that is engaging and accessible. Links to additional recordings that are available for purchase are also provided.

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There are many people and organizations who partnered with Dallas in his work. Here we highlight their offerings of upcoming conferences, as well as smaller study groups focusing on Dallas’s teaching. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunities offered near you.

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Recommended Reading

People often asked Dallas about his favorite books or for recommendations for books on specific topics. If you have similar questions or would simply like to go deeper into the subjects that interested Dallas, this section provides a list of books that Dallas personally recommended.

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Speakers Bureau

Dallas believed every Christian was a fellow pilgrim on their journey with Christ. The “fellow pilgrims” of our Speakers Bureau studied and worked closely with Dr. Willard for many years and are activley teaching what they learned from him. Learn how you can engage with them in their unique areas of expertise.

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DWM's School of Kingdom Living

Hungry for more? Come learn to “put on the character of Christ” through the many facets of biblical discipleship. The aim of this 18-month guided cohort experience is to become people who naturally embody goodness and truth for the good of the world. Each week-long residency will include practical empowering content, experiential exercises, and community engagement critical for Christlike transformation.

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Course Syllabi

Syllabi from many of Professor Willard’s philosophy courses are available here to use for reference and study. We hope they will provide wisdom and challenge to teacher and student alike.

View Course Syllabi is co-sponsored by the family of Dallas Willard, Dallas Willard Ministries, and FiveStone.