Being Disciples in Hollywood

May 9, 2009
Kairos Church - Hollywood, CA

Speaking on a Saturday morning at Kairos Church in Hollywood, Dallas gave an extensive teaching on how to be a disciple in the city where one lives.


Being Disciples in Hollywood

True discipleship goes beyond geographical or professional boundaries. Its emphasis is life in God's kingdom here and now. Dallas explores the transformative power of living as Jesus's disciples, where the Beatitudes, love, spiritual disciplines, and the genuine pursuit of God's kingdom redefine success and influence. Dallas encourages believers to embody Christ's love and light, making an impactful difference in Hollywood or wherever they are called to shine.

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Being Disciples in Hollywood


  • Discipleship in Any Context: Dallas emphasizes that discipleship to Jesus is possible and necessary wherever we are, including in places like Hollywood. He clarifies that Hollywood here doesn't just represent the movie business but any place where people live, work, and form communities. The core of being a disciple is the same everywhere—it's about living in the kingdom of God right where you are, as God blesses people only in the places they find themselves.
  • The Beatitudes and Kingdom Blessings: Through the Beatitudes, Jesus announces blessings upon those who are usually considered unblessed by societal standards. Dallas points out that these blessings are not because of their poor spirit or mourning but because, in the kingdom of God, they have access to a life beyond their current circumstances. 
  • You Are the Salt and Light: Dallas stresses that Jesus's declaration of His followers as the salt of the earth and the light of the world is directed not at a special group of holy people but at every ordinary, needy individual following Him. 
  • The Gospel and Transformation: The core of the Gospel is the availability of life in the kingdom of God here and now, through living in relationship with Jesus as His disciples. This relationship is not just about afterlife promises but involves a present, transformative process leading to a real change in how we live and interact with the world.
  • The Process of Becoming Disciples: Discipleship involves intentional learning from Jesus on how to lead our lives within the principles and power of God’s kingdom. This learning is not passive; it requires active engagement and the practice of disciplines that foster spiritual growth and transformation towards Christ-likeness.
  • Living Out the Kingdom in Practical Terms: Dallas highlights practical aspects of living as disciples, such as engaging in spiritual disciplines, loving others genuinely, and seeking justice through love. He points out that true justice and righteousness in the kingdom sense go beyond mere human efforts and require a foundation in God's love and power.
  • Understanding and Experiencing God's Kingdom: Dallas elaborates on the concept of the kingdom of God, describing it as the range of God's effective will, where what God desires is done. He invites listeners to seek the kingdom first, indicating that living under the reign of God transforms our understanding of life, priorities, and actions. 
  • Role of Spiritual Disciplines: Dallas discusses the importance of spiritual disciplines in the life of a disciple. Practices like solitude, silence, fasting, and study are not about earning favor with God but about reorienting our lives to be more receptive to God's presence and action. 
  • Challenge of Living Out Love in the Real World: Dallas addresses the complexity of living out Jesus's command to love God and our neighbors in practical, everyday contexts. He suggests that the Christian distinctive is not just believing certain doctrines but manifesting God’s agape love in our interactions, decisions, and even in the face of injustice. This love, characterized by self-giving and seeking the good of the other, is what truly marks a disciple.
  • Grace and Effort: Dallas clarifies the relationship between grace and effort in the Christian life. He emphasizes that grace is not opposed to effort but to earning. The effort involved in discipleship is not about meriting God's love but responding to it, leading to transformation and growth.