From Forgiveness to Blessing

May 11, 1996
Presbyterian Church of the Master - Mission Viejo, CA

On May 11, 1996, Dallas spent a Saturday morning at the Presbyterian Church of the Master in Mission Viejo, CA, teaching on the theme of "from forgiveness to blessing."  You'll find encouragement, hope and freedom as Dallas shares definitions and practical steps to understand forgiveness, be able to receive and extend forgiveness, and ultimately live our daily life with God in a continual flow of blessing.


The DWM volunteers have created a video version of these talks with helpful slides to help us follow along with key thoughts and scriptures.  The videos are available here.


(Note: The sessions were recorded on cassette tapes, which created short gaps in the audio.)


1: Forgiveness

Dallas investigates the inseparable bond between forgiveness and blessing, revealing the miraculous nature of forgiveness as not just an act of letting go, but a gateway to spiritual renewal and deeper communion with God. He invites listeners on a journey from understanding the heart of forgiveness, navigating the challenges of reconciliation, to ultimately living in the constant flow of God's boundless mercy.

2: From Being Forgiven to Forgiving to Living from God

Through an insightful examination of biblical teachings, particularly the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector, Dallas underscores the necessity of humility and honest seeking for God's mercy as foundational to experiencing forgiveness. He artfully weaves together the concepts of giving, forgiving, and living in alignment with God's generous nature, highlighting the inseparability of forgiveness and a giving heart. 

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  • Inseparable Nature of Forgiveness and Blessing: Dallas opens with the concept that forgiveness and blessing are deeply intertwined, framing the journey from experiencing God's forgiveness to living in a state of blessing as a natural progression in the Christian life.
  • Forgiveness as a Miracle of Grace: He articulates forgiveness as a miraculous act of grace, which not only liberates the forgiver but also ushers them into a deeper engagement with the divine life. Forgiveness is presented as a transformative act that reflects God's merciful nature.
  • Role of Confession and Repentance: Dallas highlights the significance of confession and repentance in the process of forgiveness. He underscores the necessity of acknowledging one's wrongs before God and others as a pivotal step towards healing and restoration.
  • Connection Between Forgiveness and Spiritual Growth: The talk delves into how forgiveness catalyzes spiritual growth, leading individuals from merely being forgiven to actively forgiving others. This progression is essential for developing a heart that mirrors the compassion and mercy of Christ.
  • Impact of Unforgiveness on Personal Well-being: Dallas discusses the toxic effects of harboring unforgiveness, describing it as a self-inflicted wound that hinders one's spiritual and emotional well-being. 
  • Forgiveness and the Kingdom of God: The concept of the Kingdom of God is central to Dallas's message, where living in accordance with God's reign involves practicing forgiveness. This lifestyle is indicative of a deeper allegiance to God's ways over worldly systems of retribution.
  • Power of Forgiveness to Overcome Evil: A profound aspect of the talk is the belief in forgiveness as a potent force for overcoming evil with good. Dallas challenges the notion of forgiveness as weakness, asserting its role in manifesting God's kingdom through acts of radical love.

From Being Forgiven to Forgiving to Living from God


  • Simplicity of Forgiveness: Dallas emphasizes the simplicity of being forgiven by God, stressing that it requires nothing more than an honest request for mercy, as illustrated through the contrast between the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke 18. 
  • God's Nature of Giving: He explores the nature of God as inherently giving, positioning forgiveness within the larger context of God's generosity. Dallas illustrates this through biblical teachings, urging listeners to adopt a posture of giving and forgiving as a reflection of God's character.
  • Overcoming Self-Righteousness: Dallas challenges the notion of self-righteousness and the barriers it creates to forgiveness, both receiving and giving. He advocates for a transparency and honesty before God, tearing away all pretenses to fully embrace God's forgiveness.
  • Role of Confession: He discusses the power and necessity of confession in the process of forgiveness, arguing that true healing and restoration in relationships can only begin with an honest acknowledgment of one's faults, both to God and to those we have wronged.
  • Forgiving as We Are Forgiven: Dallas delves into the interconnection between receiving forgiveness and the ability to forgive others, asserting that a true understanding and acceptance of God's forgiveness naturally leads to a forgiving heart towards others.
  • Persistence in Forgiveness: He highlights the importance of persistence in seeking God's forgiveness and guidance, encouraging listeners to continuously ask, give, and forgive as a way of living in alignment with God's will and experiencing His abundance.
  • Living from God: Dallas speaks to the transformational power of living from God, emphasizing that when we fully embrace forgiveness and live in God's grace, we are empowered to extend that grace to others, fundamentally changing our relationships and communities.
  • Blessing of Peace and Mercy: Lastly, Dallas concludes with a profound reflection on the blessing of Numbers 6:24-26, inviting participants to experience and share the deep peace and blessing that comes from living in the reality of God's forgiveness and love, underscoring the transformative potential of living out this blessing in daily life.