Called To Business

God's way of loving people through business and the professions

Dallas Willard

Called to Business illuminates business as a way of bringing creative value and goodness into the world.

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Published by Dallas Willard Ministries, 2019. 59 pp, ISBN: 1790130034. Contact Dallas Willard Ministries for reprint permissions.


Dallas had a deep and inspired perspective about work, business, and the professions. This booklet brings together three of his more focused articles about work along with two articles by great thinkers of the past that inspired his ideas and were a standard part whenever he taught on the subject.

Dallas believed that work was a fundamental structure of love in the kingdom of God and that its noble and godly purpose was to bring people together in loving community for mutual benefit and support. He believed that business was a fundamental part of how God was blessing the world and one of the significant ways God desires to be with us in the shaping of our culture and the stewarding of our world. He viewed the professions as being one of the most important components in the increasingly complex life of the 21st century and beyond.

So whether you are making ax handles or running a fortune 500 company this booklet will give you a deeper understanding of how God is with you in the work that you do and help you embrace the idea that your work should bring about the highest possible good in its every aspect, and should be pursued with a conscious expectation of a constant energizing and direction from God.


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  1. Introduction – Originally written as a Foreword for The Gift of Work
  2. How God is in Business – An edited transcript of a talk given to Christian business leaders
  3. The Business of Business – A paper originally published in the Trinity Forum on-line journal

  1. Unto This Last,  by John Ruskin
  2. Business – A Profession,  by Louis Brandeis

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