Eternal Living

Reflections on Dallas Willard's Teaching on Faith & Formation

Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard spent his life making eternal living concrete for his friends. With his unexpected passing in 2013, the world lost a brilliant mind. 

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(Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2014), 240 pp, ISBN: 0830835954
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Dallas Willard spent his life making eternal living concrete for his friends. After his passing in 2013, the kaleidoscope of memories and the diversity of the lives he had touched could not be confined to one or even two memorial services, but three. It is this wide breadth of impact that inspired friends, family, colleagues, students, and leaders of the church to gather their reflections on this celebrated yet humble theologian and philosopher.

Curated by Willard's long-time colleague and friend Gary Moon, this medley of images, snapshots and "Dallas-isms" seeks to move and motivate readers toward deeper experiences of God through the sharing of stories from the lives of the writers. Whether influenced by him as a family member, close friend, advisor, professor, philosopher, minister or reformer, contributors bring refreshing insight into not only his ideas and what shaped him, but also to his contagious theology of grace and joy.

Includes a brief introductory biography by Gary W. Moon


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Gary W. Moon



  1. Gary W. Moon: Introduction: Living in the Glow of God

I. Husband, Father and Friend

2. Richard J. Foster: If Death My Friend and Me Divide
3. Family Voices

  • Jane Willard: Birth of the Books: He Never Planned to Write About Christian Spirituality
  • Becky Heatley: Living with the Great Thinker and Feeler
  • Larissa Heatley: Give’em Heaven
  • John Willard: Fond Memories of My Dad

II. Philosopher and Professor

6. Steve Porter: Evidential Force of Dallas Willard
7. Greg Jesson: Dallas Willard’s Defense of the Radical Practicality of Knowledge
8. Brandon Paradise: From Secular Philosophy to Faith
9. J. P. Moreland: Reflections on a Day with My Professor and Friend
10. Gary Black: Five Tips for a Teacher
11. Widening Spheres of Influence

  • Eff Martin: Doing Business in the Kingdom
  • Quinton Peeples: Creating in the Kingdom
  • Gayle Beebe: Forming Education in the Kingdom
  • John Kasich: Public Service in the Kingdom
  • John Ortberg: Doing Church in the Kingdom

III. Mentor and Reformer of the Church

12. James Bryan Smith: Master of Metanoia, Bermuda Shorts and Wingtips 
Sidebar: Emilie Griffin: He Made Me Feel Welcome and Told Me a Joke
13. Trevor Hudson: Journey into Joy
14. Todd Hunte: Dallas Willard, Evangelist Sidebar: Bill Hull: Reclaiming the Word Discipleship
15. Alan Fadling: Developing Pastors and Churches of the Kingdom
16. Mindy Caliguire: Gray’s Anatomy and The Soul
17. Kent Carlson: The Kingdom of God Is Real Sidebar: Mike Lueken
18. Keith Meyer: A Few Dallas-isms That Changed My Life
19. Ruth Haley Barton: The Real Deal
20. James Catford: Equally at Home in Private and Public Spheres
21. John Ortberg: Conclusion: Hey Dallas . . .


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