Renewing the Christian Mind

Essays, Interviews, and Talks

Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr.

Renewing the Christian Mind offers insight into spiritual formation, avocation, and theology, and includes sections directed at specific audiences, from church leaders to lay people looking for spiritual counsel and nurture. 

Available in paperback (, Barnes & Noble,, ebook (Kindle, Nook) and audio (CD, Audible) formats.

Also available in Korean.

(San Francisco: HarperOne Publishers, 2016) 528 pp, Paperpack. ISBN: 0062296132. ISBN-13: 978-0062296139.
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In this wide-ranging collection of essential readings from Dr. Willard—including 15 previously unpublished chapters—we find wisdom, knowledge and truth for growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Dr. Willard began working with Dr. Gary Black Jr in early 2013 to select and organize the collection into five main categories: spiritual transformation, discipleship, theology, leadership, and an additional section featuring ten interviews on a variety of subjects related to spiritual thinking. Several of the pieces have broad implications on topics that affect all readers, while other entries are directed at specific audiences, from church leaders (and those who train them) to laypeople looking for spiritual counsel and nurture. This created an anthology perfect for teaching and academic settings, as well as church reading groups.

For those familiar with Dallas’s previously published work, this collection offers a greater depth of understanding on a multitude of issues he believed Jesus was interested in and master over. But it is primarily designed as a tool to introduce a new generation of minds to Dallas’s thought and teaching. It covers a wide range of his contributions on a multitude of critical and pastoral issues the church is facing today.

The key to understanding Dallas’s contribution to American evangelical thought and Christian theology is the impact his world-class intellect had on leaders, teachers and spokespersons within the church. He sought to apply the Christian mind to all facets of life, including the critical issues of our day, and he firmly believed God wanted to supply the answers we need to become faithful and effective disciples and leaders in God’s kingdom on earth.

It was Dallas’s prayer that his writings would lead others into the wisdom, knowledge, love, grace, and truth of Christ that he experienced and yearned to introduce to others. Gary Black joins in this same prayer as he brings us this reasoned, honest, thought- provoking, and illuminating anthology of Dallas’s work.


English, Korean


Paperback, Kindle, Nook, Audio CD, Audible


Introduction by Gary Black Jr.

Spiritual Transformation

1. Transformation of the Mind
2. Living a Transformed Life
3. Flesh and Spirit
4. Beyond Pornography
5. Measuring Spiritual Formation
6. Spirituality for Smarties
7. When God Moves In: My Experience with Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians
8. Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus
9. A History of Asceticism and the Formation of a Christlike Character
10. How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself


11. A New Age of Ancient Christian Spirituality
12. Reflections on Renovation of the Heart
13. What Makes Spirituality Christian?
14. Grey Matter and the Soul
15. Going Deeper 
16. Spiritual Disciplines in a Postmodern World
17. Getting the Elephant Out of the Sanctuary
18. The Gospel of the Kingdom - A Conversation with Dallas Willard
19. Kingdom Living


20. Your Place in This World
21. The Evolution of Discipleship
22. Discipleship How-to
23. How to Live One Day with Jesus
24. Discipleship as Apprenticeship
25. The Disciple’s Solidarity with the Poor


26. Spiritual Formation as a Natural Part of Salvation
27. The Faith of Unbelief
28. Lessons from the Life of Jesus
29. The Foundations of Moral Realization
30. The Problem of Evil
31. Christian Thought for the Everyday Practitioner
32. Truth in the Fire: C.S. Lewis and the Pursuit of Truth Today
33. Postmodernism and the Christian Faith
34. The Failure of Evangelical Politics
35. Hermeneutical Occasionalism


36. The Roles of Women in Ministry Leadership
37. A Cup Running Over
38. Rules for Religious Leadership
39. Principles on Teaching Discipleship for Church Leaders
40. The Price and the Glory of Intellectual Excellence in the Christian University
41. Leading the Teachers of the Nations


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