A Plain Account of Christian Perfection

John Wesley

Dr. Willard has called this the best explanation of sanctification he has ever read.



Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, Jan 1, 1966


John Wesley's most representative collection on Christian Perfection. Now let this perfection appear in its native form, and who can speak one word against it? Will any dare to speak against loving the Lord our God with all our heart, and our neighbor as ourselves? Against a renewal of heart, not only in part, but in the whole image of God? Who is he that will open his mouth against being cleansed from all pollution both of flesh and spirit; or against having all the mind that was in Christ, and walking in all things as Christ walked? What man, who calls himself a Christian, has the hardiness to object to the devoting, not a part, but all our soul, body, and substance to God?





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