The Life of God in the Soul of Man

Henry Scougal

One of the most influential pieces of writing on the Evangelical side of modern religion. Many of the great modern Evangelicals point back to this book as a landmark in their lives. Read it if you want to really understand the heart of Evangelicalism as a historical movement.


Writing to a friend who was disillusioned by religion, minister and theologian Henry Scougal created what would become a classic text on Christian living. Compassionately explaining what true religion is and isn’t, Scougal shares biblical practices that lead to real spiritual transformation.

In The Life of God in the Soul of Man, Scougal cuts through false ideas about religion and demonstrates how to pursue true unity with God. He explains that religion shouldn’t be primarily focused on restraining or dictating outward behavior, but living a divine life characterized by faith, a love for God and others, purity, and humility. As it did for the recipient of Scougal’s original letter, this book challenges believers to turn from empty religion and allow the Holy Spirit to conform them into Christ’s glorious image.  





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