Spiritual Formation and Theology: How To Save Your Life (Being Saved: What is it Like?)

September 12, 2011
Westmont College Chapel

Discover the transformative power of spiritual formation with Dallas Willard as he delves into the heart of true salvation—beyond mere afterlife assurance to the reshaping of our very lives through the living Christ. Explore how to live out a faith that actively engages with beauty, truth, and goodness, transforming not just souls, but societies.


Being Saved: What is it Like?

In this compelling chapel talk at Westmont College, Dallas challenges us to rethink what it means to be saved, urging us to embrace a life caught up in the present reality of the kingdom of God. Through a nuanced exploration of how to cultivate love, joy, peace, and goodness, he invites us to a transformative way of living that promises not just eternal salvation, but a profound renewal of the heart and mind in the here and now. 

Dallas expands greatly on what it's like to live here and now in the Kingdom of God in his book, The Divine Conspiracy. Learn more: https://dwillard.org/books/divine-conspiracy  

Being Saved: What is it Like?


  • Redefining Salvation: Dallas expands the concept of salvation beyond the afterlife, proposing it as a transformative process that involves the entire being—mind, soul, and strength—in the present life through engagement with the teachings and life of Jesus.
  • Spiritual Formation as Universal Human Quest: Dallas identifies spiritual formation as the fundamental human challenge of cultivating goodness in people, a task not limited to Christians alone, but one for which Christianity offers a profound solution.
  • Heart of Human Conflict: The talk addresses the root of societal and personal conflicts, tracing them back to malice and anger within the human heart, and emphasizing the need for a spiritual transformation that fosters love and peace.
  • Living in the Present with Christ: Emphasizing the importance of being 'caught up in the life that Jesus is now living on earth,' Dallas encourages a daily, active relationship with God that transforms every aspect of life, highlighting the necessity of love for God and neighbor.
  • Beauty, Truth, and Goodness in Daily Life: Dallas concludes by inviting believers to live lives devoted to beauty, truth, and goodness, arguing that these values, when embraced in the power of the risen Christ, lead to a rich, fulfilling life that reflects the grandeur of God and the essence of true salvation.