The Divine Conspiracy Interviews

October 11 & 13, 2011
With James and Betty Robison on Life Today

In October 2011, Dallas had the opportunity of appearing twice on the show Life Today hosted by James and Betty Robison. In this lively exchange, Dallas touches upon several key concepts from The Divine Conspiracy.

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1: Divine Conspiracy Interview - Part 1

As a guest on James and Betty Robison's "Life Today" talk show, Dallas Willard paints a beautiful picture of life in the Kingdom of God while sharing key thoughts from The Divine Conspiracy. In the course of the interview, James asked Dallas a unique question about The Divine Conspiracy: "You can't believe what this book has done for me. Has it ever done anything for you?"

2: Divine Conspiracy Interview - Part 2

Dallas Willard talks with James and Betty Robison, on their "Life Today" talk show, about character development and the slow process of change. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is not the key to successful change. Training is required, and that's a combination of God's grace and the intelligent engagement of our own activities. 

Divine Conspiracy Interview - Part 1

  • Highlights:
    Understanding Grace and the Kingdom of God: Life in the Kingdom of God is fueled by God’s grace. Grace, God acting with us to accomplish what we could not accomplish on our own, enables us to live beyond mere rule-keeping and critical attitudes in the character and power of Christ.
  • Transformation through Presence: He emphasizes that true transformation comes from the presence of Jesus in our lives, changing our minds, feelings, and actions, making it natural to live out the teachings of Jesus.
  • Living Without Fear: Dallas discusses the concept of trusting God to take care of us, which allows us to live without fear, even when turning the other cheek or loving our enemies, highlighting that God has our back in all situations.
  • From Trying to Training: He introduces the idea of not just trying harder when we fail but understanding the reasons behind our failures and allowing God to transform us, much like how scientists fix issues before trying again.

Divine Conspiracy Interview - Part 2


  • Transformation Through Grace and Effort: Dallas emphasizes that true transformation comes from both the grace of God and one's own intelligent engagement in activities. He notes that while grace initiates change, it is through conscious effort and discipline that deep, meaningful transformation occurs.
  • Slow but Meaningful Change: Discussing the pace of change, Dallas explains that genuine character development happens gradually. He contrasts this with the modern desire for instant fixes, highlighting that profound and lasting change takes time and consistent effort.
  • Moral Relativism in Modern Society: James Robison and Dallas delve into the shift in societal values over the past decades. Dallas points out that the lack of a clear vision of good and evil in education has led to a state where everything is seen as relative, contributing to societal instability and moral confusion.
  • Practical Steps for Overcoming Temptation: Using relatable examples, such as resisting chocolate cake, Dallas outlines a practical approach to overcoming temptation. He introduces the concepts of vision, intention, and means, explaining how a clear vision of the good, a firm intention, and practical steps can help individuals overcome destructive habits.