Ministry in the Character and Power of God

March 16, 1999
Excerpt from Session 6 - Kingdom Living: It's a Wonderful Life!

This 5 minute video excerpt is taken from Session 6: Word of the Kingdom as a Life Force – How to Respond from the series Kingdom Living: It's a Wonderful Life! 


  • "The effect of their teaching will be far beyond anything that lies in their natural powers—that's always the mark of the presence of the Spirit of God."
  • "You don't need to worry about what your gift is; you can settle that if you will watch the points in your life where God blesses what you're doing in a way that is unexplainable."
  • "It's unfortunate that we tend to emphasize one or another gift of the Spirit, and the body is weakened because we do that."
  • "As people learn to live together in the fruit of the Spirit welling up from within and minister to one another in the gift of the Spirit that is theirs, you find the unity of the body of Christ in which everyone can grow up into the fullness of Christ."
  • "The reality of living in the kingdom of God in the power of Christ will simply leave no doubt as to where God is and where truth is and where life is."


Ministry in the Character and Power of God

Dallas explores how the true impact of spiritual ministry transcends our natural talents and abilities, emphasizing the necessity for each of us to embrace and nurture our unique spiritual gifts. Dallas articulates a compelling vision of the Christian community united and strengthened by diversity, where every individual contributes to the collective growth towards the fullness of Christ. Discover how the character and power of God manifest in daily life can lead to undeniable evidence of His presence and truth. 

Ministry in the Character and Power of God


  • Power of Ministry Beyond Natural Abilities: Dallas discusses the extraordinary impact that spiritual teaching can have when it's delivered under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit. He points out that the true mark of the Holy Spirit's presence is the disproportionate effect of one's efforts and talents, suggesting that spiritual outcomes often exceed human capabilities.
  • Recognizing and Utilizing Spiritual Gifts: Dallas emphasizes the importance of recognizing and utilizing diverse spiritual gifts within the Christian community to strengthen the body of Christ. He argues that every individual has a unique role, predetermined by God, and when each person focuses on their spiritual gifts, the entire community thrives, achieving unity and growth.
  • Living Out the Kingdom of God: Dallas explains that living in the kingdom of God involves displaying both the character and power of God in our everyday lives. This manifestation leads to tangible outcomes that cannot be explained by human effort alone, thereby affirming the divine presence and influence in our actions and interactions.