Progressing in the Blessed Life in Christ

September 6, 2009
Valley Vineyard - Reseda, CA

This is perhaps Dallas's single most important and comprehensive sermon on how we can grow into Christlikeness and thereby experience a renovated heart and a blessed life. 

 Dallas is preaching in his home church, the Valley Vineyard, among many friends, and makes it clear that a blessed life is available to everyone, now. Be sure to hang in there until the end where Dallas closes by tenderly singing the old hymn, "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee." 


Progressing in the Blessed Life in Christ

Join Dallas as he delves into the transformative power of living as true disciples of Christ. Drawing from Matthew 5, he explores the roles of 'salt and light' in influencing the world and underscores the accessibility of a blessed life for everyone. Dallas emphasizes the critical importance of the heart in spiritual growth and advocates for engaging in spiritual disciplines that align us closer to God's will. 

Progressing in the Blessed Life in Christ


  • Understanding Transformation through Scripture: Dallas discusses the journey of transformation and spiritual growth using Matthew 5 as a foundation. He emphasizes how this transformation involves not just personal change but also becoming an instrument of God's peace and righteousness in the world.
  • Role of 'Salt and Light' in Christian Life: Dallas explains the metaphor of believers as "salt of the earth" and "light of the world," as described in Matthew 5:13-16. He underlines the responsibility of Christians to influence the world positively, preserving against decay and illuminating the truth.
  • Living Out the Blessed Life: Dallas emphasizes that living a blessed life is accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances. He insists on the importance of living out the qualities of the kingdom of God here and now, not just in expectation of the afterlife.
  • Spiritual Disciplines for Growth: He argues for the importance of spiritual disciplines, such as solitude, fasting, and studying scripture. These practices help believers align more closely with God’s will and grow in spiritual maturity.
    Central Role of the Heart: Dallas centers on the importance of the heart in spiritual life, quoting Proverbs 4:23 about guarding the heart with all diligence. He explains that the heart is not just the seat of emotions but the center of decision-making and character.
  • Becoming Disciples of Jesus: The ultimate message Dallas delivers is the call to become disciples or apprentices of Jesus. He explains that this doesn't merely involve learning about Jesus but actively learning from Him to live out the realities of God's kingdom every day.