What to Do After You Decide to Do What Jesus Said to Do

October 3, 2008
Life with God: Celebrating Lifelong Discipleship - Renovare

Join Dallas as he explores the profound journey of discipleship and the transformative power of living the "with God" life. Dallas delves into the biblical basis for human dominion and responsibility, unpacking the deep implications of Genesis and Romans for understanding our purpose. He challenges listeners to embrace the fullness of life offered through discipleship, emphasizing the importance of internal transformation over mere external actions. 

This talk was presented as part of the 2008 Renovaré regional conference in Houston, Texas. The conference theme was "Life with God: Celebrating Lifelong Discipleship" and was a celebration 30-year anniversary of the publication of Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline. 


What to Do After You Decide to Do What Jesus Said to Do

This talk could also be called "Reigning in Life through Christ" as Dallas's unpacks Romans 5:17. Discipleship is not boring and laborious, but is about walking with Jesus in such a way that He reigns through us in our homes and in our careers. 

What to Do After You Decide to Do What Jesus Said to Do


  • Importance of Discipleship: Dallas emphasizes the value of discipleship, referring to it as the greatest opportunity in life. He sets the stage for his main topic by discussing the biblical context of human dominion from Genesis, using this as a foundational verse to discuss our purpose and responsibility in life.
  • Universal Call to Reign in Life: He explores the concept of reigning in life through the lens of grace, using Romans 5:17 to contrast the reign of sin and death with the reign of grace through Christ. Dallas presents discipleship as a practical training in reigning, meant to empower individuals in their everyday circumstances.
  • Living the 'With God' Life: Dallas discusses the blessings and challenges of the 'with God' life, reflecting on the biblical narrative of human fall and redemption. He connects this to the everyday struggles and victories in discipleship, urging his audience to see the beauty and opportunity in a life lived in partnership with God.
  • Power and Responsibility in Discipleship: Addressing the theme of power in human hands, Dallas talks about the potential dangers and responsibilities that come with it. He uses practical examples from biblical text and personal anecdotes to illustrate how power should be aligned with goodness and God's guidance.
  • Kingdom of God and Personal Transformation: Dallas transitions to discussing the kingdom of God as a present and active reality in which believers can live out their faith. He ties this to personal transformation, emphasizing that entering God's kingdom changes how we perceive and interact with the world.