Taking Theology and Spiritual Disciplines into the Marketplace

Talbot School of Theology Faculty Retreat - Biola University

Dallas's unique teaching on the value of our work will inspire and encourage you in any occupation. 

Dallas taught this session on September 16, 2011 at a Talbot School of Theology faculty retreat entitled, "Biblical Wisdom for the Business World." He loved to teach on the value of our work, so DWM put together a little booklet, "Called to Business," with a collection of that teaching.


Taking Theology and Spiritual Disciplines into the Marketplace

Dallas unpacks the practical implications of living out one's faith in professional environments, emphasizing the role of scripture, the omnipresence of God, and the purpose of human dominion over creation. He challenges listeners to rethink traditional views on salvation and discipleship, advocating for a robust practice of spiritual disciplines that equip believers to handle daily professional challenges with divine wisdom and character. Discover how to bring the full scope of your spiritual life into harmony with your vocational calling, transforming not just your own work but also impacting the broader professional world with the principles of the Kingdom of God.

Taking Theology and Spiritual Disciplines into the Marketplace


  • Taking a Theology in the Workplace: “We are going to take our theology into the workplace. And the only question is, which theology are we going to take? An atheist has a theology. He has an understanding of God. And he takes that understanding into the workplace.”
  • Power of Scripture in Action: Dallas delves into the significance of Colossians 3:17, advocating for a life where every action is done in the name of Jesus. He explains this as an empowering method to integrate faith deeply into all aspects of life, emphasizing that spiritual disciplines are not just about internal states but about transforming every deed.
  • Understanding God's Omnipresence: Dallas underscores the concept of God as omnipresent and not confined to specific locales, which reinforces the idea of taking theology into every environment, including the workplace. He challenges common misunderstandings about God's interaction with the world, urging a more engaged and omnipresent view of God in daily life.
  • Human Purpose and Dominion: Dallas explains the biblical perspective on human beings created in God’s image, destined for dominion and responsibility over the earth. He connects this to the workplace by suggesting that every profession is a realm of God-given dominion, where individuals can exercise divine stewardship through their skills and responsibilities.
  • Comprehensive Scope of Salvation: He critiques narrow views of salvation that limit its impact to personal salvation and neglect broader implications, such as societal and workplace transformation. Dallas argues that a robust soteriology (our understanding of salvation) should include discipleship and active engagement in the world, impacting every area of life, including the workplace.
  • Role of Discipleship in Professional Life: Dallas stresses the importance of being a disciple of Jesus in the workplace, learning from Him how to approach professional tasks and challenges. He presents discipleship as an ongoing learning process where one continuously applies Jesus’s teachings to handle real-world responsibilities effectively.
  • Spiritual Disciplines for Professional Excellence: He discusses the role of spiritual disciplines in shaping one’s character to handle the pressures and demands of the workplace. Dallas describes disciplines like solitude, fasting, and prayer as tools that help believers align more closely with God’s will and enhance their effectiveness in their vocational roles.
  • Conclusion and Call to Action: Dallas concludes by reinforcing the need for a theology that integrates fully with everyday life, including the workplace. He calls for a transformative discipleship that equips believers to bring the presence of God into all spheres of life, thereby influencing professional environments and beyond with the principles of the Kingdom of God.

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