The Meaning of Meaning

Interview with Rich Melheim

Discover how the search for meaning transcends linguistic bounds to touch on the core of human existence, influences popular culture, and shapes our approach to life's challenges. This insightful conversation between Rich Melheim and Dallas offers a fresh perspective on navigating the complexities of meaning, identity, and spirituality in contemporary society. 


1: The Meaning of Meaning - Part 1

In this interview with Dr. Rich Melheim, Dallas discusses the current struggle to define and discover meaning in life. Dallas discusses how the quest for meaning traverses from the historical to the cultural forefront, impacting everything from popular culture to individual quests for identity and transcendence. 

2: The Meaning of Meaning - Part 2

Dallas discusses how meaning is not merely a philosophical abstract but a vital source of strength and connection. By examining how words carry over to actions and the power inherent in meaningful connections, this talk reveals the profound impact of understanding and engaging with the deeper meanings that surround us daily.

The Meaning of Meaning - Part 1


  • Exploring the Depth of Meaning: Dallas begins the discussion by outlining the historical context of the concept of meaning, tracing its significance from the 18th century to the postmodern era. He emphasizes that the pursuit of meaning has expanded beyond mere linguistic analysis to become a central, existential concern for many, affecting cultural and personal identities across generations.
  • Nirvana and Modern Culture: Dallas elucidates the concept of Nirvana, contrasting its traditional Buddhist interpretation with its modern cultural adaptations. He suggests that today's youth may misinterpret Nirvana as a form of escape from the complexities of life, which manifests in pursuits that often lead to non-conscious states like those experienced in addictions and raves.
  • Healthy Spirituality as a Remedy: Dallas offers insights into what constitutes a 'healthy spirituality,' which can counter the nihilistic tendencies of modern cultural engagements. He discusses how a constructive spiritual outlook can help individuals find identity and power in a reality that is coherent and meaningful, rather than resorting to self-manipulation or destructive behaviors.

The Meaning of Meaning - Part 2


  • Understanding Meaning as Power: Dallas introduces the concept of meaning as a form of power that enables carryover from one aspect of life to another. He explains that meaningful experiences are not static; they propel us toward something beyond mere activity or existence. This propulsion is what makes jobs or courses feel less like a drag and more like a part of a dynamic process.
  • Role of Reference in Meaning: In discussing how meaning is tied to frames of reference, Dallas highlights that understanding a word or concept can transform it into a tool that strengthens one's life. He emphasizes that this process of meaning-making involves connecting with a broader frame of reality, which enhances our ability to act effectively within our world.
  • Meaning and Spiritual Strength: Dallas ties the concept of meaning to spiritual strength, using the biblical phrase "they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength" to illustrate how tying into meaningful, larger narratives like God’s Kingdom can mobilize life and enhance joy, praise, and gratitude. This connection indicates that meaning not only involves personal or intellectual growth but also encompasses spiritual and communal dimensions.