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The School of Kingdom Living

An 18-month journey of learning and training in community that is intended for anyone who wants to put on the character of Christ through a practical, effective approach to discipleship.

The aim of this guided experience is to become people who naturally embody goodness and truth for the good of the world. Each of our four week-long residencies include seasoned faculty instruction, spiritual disciplines, and community engagement critical for Christlike transformation.

The School of Kingdom Living is intended for anyone who wants to incorporate the teachings of Jesus where they live, work, learn and play. Our cohorts provide a rich learning atmosphere through ecumenical dialogue, experiences and interaction.

Our Approach:

Rooted in Scripture and the teachings of Jesus

The small steps that quietly and steadily lead us more deeply into the likeness of Christ are clearly laid out in the Bible and are found especially in the words and person of Jesus.

"All that is needed from us to change things - whether in the church or in the world - is sustained apprenticeship of individuals to Jesus, the Savior of the world so loved by God. Our directions 'as we go' are clear: to be disciples - apprentices - of Jesus in Kingdom living and by our life and words as his apprentices to witness, to bring others to know and long for the life that is in us through confidence in him."

Dallas Willard
The Great Omission

The School of Kingdom Living guides its students into this Spirit-led and grace-fueled transformation of their inner life (heart, mind, soul, strength/body, and relationships) through an ongoing personal relationship to God in Christ and to one another. Our curriculum embodies the orderly process found in Scripture and is activated in the light and easy yoke of Jesus Christ.

Students in the School of Kingdom Living will complete four (4) weeklong, in-person residences over an 18-month period. Each residency has a central focus on the person of Jesus Christ that is aimed at helping them grow in Christlikeness and experience kingdom community with their fellow students.

Jesus is our constant teacher in this endeavor, and we are his apprentices. His sufficiency is the basis of our confidence and efforts to learn how to trust Jesus with our whole life. The process of spiritual formation in Christlikeness is one in which all the dimensions of our life are transformed as they increasingly take on the character of our Teacher. This is the natural condition of the disciple of Jesus, with the outcome of easily and routinely doing what he says.

Gain A Deeper Understanding


Through practical instruction, spiritual disciplines and community engagement, students in the program can expect to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Cultivating an Interactive and Conversational Relationship with God
  • The Kingdom of God Here and Now
  • Holistic Character Formation Towards Christlikeness
  • Missional Spirituality in Our Everday Life

The curriculum is guided by scripture and by Dr. Willard's writings and teachings on the most essential dimensions of Christian spiritual formation, augmented by the work of other leading authors and thinkers.

Anticipated outcomes for participants include a deeper relationship with God, a connection with like-minded apprentices of Jesus, and resources that serve as catalysts for improving discipleship and leadership in virtually any context. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate in Christian spiritual formation from Dallas Willard Ministries.

Designed for Christians

Who Should Apply?

The School of Kingdom Living is designed for Christians from various backgrounds, traditions, and vocations. Pastors, church staff, para-church ministry workers and laity (non-ministry people) from any denomination are encouraged to apply. 

Our non-ministry students typically represent vocations, such as school teachers, accountants, engineers, homemakers, retirees, physicians, carpenters, and information technology. The curriculum of the School of Kingdom Living is challenging, yet accessible for most people. You do not need a seminary degree (or any degree, for that matter) in order to qualify.

The most important criteria is a strong desire to study Christian spiritual formation for the purposes of personal growth and helping others along on the great journey of life in the Kingdom. The School of Kingdom Living is both ecumenical and inclusive. We are open to men and women who are seeking God and who desire growth while in the Christian community. We encourage Christians from any ethnic background and people with disabilities to apply.



The cost of the School of Kingdom Living is $8,000, which includes:

Travel to the four residencies is not included. Four equal installments are spread out over the course of the program to make payments easier for participants. 

Turn Your Certificate Into a Degree

Northeastern Seminary

Dallas Willard Ministries and Northeastern Seminary proudly announce a transformative partnership, offering a unique blend of experiential residencies and graduate seminary programs. Rooted in a shared commitment to Christian formation, this collaboration provides students with a profound journey into spiritual growth and leadership development. 

Students in the School of Kingdom Living receive 12 credits at Northeastern Seminary towards a Maters Degree (Divinity or Spiritual Formation) or a Doctor of Ministry Degree. Since classes at Northeastern Seminary are completed fully online, the School of Kingdom Living's community-based approach to training and learning creates an incredible experience for students. 

To learn more about Northeastern Seminary, visit:

"Dallas Willard Ministries is thrilled to partner with Northeastern Seminary. The academic rigor at Northeastern wonderfully compliments the practical rigor in the School of Kingdom Living. Students will not only learn essential theological concepts but will also have space to put those concepts into practice, all of which aims to produce a deep and fruitful life with God." -John Carroll

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Gain a deeper understanding through practical instruction, spiritual disciplines and community engagement.