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Why Semantic Ascent Fails

Introduction. Linguistic philosophy is rumored to be dead and gone, its passing unnoticed until long after the fact, and largely unmourned. Gilbert Harman, for one, places its demise well into the past, referring to ". . . the arguments that undermined [note the past tense] the old linguistic philosophy...

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How Naturalism Makes Knowledge of Knowledge Impossible and Thereby Destroys the Possibility of a Rational Moral Existence for Humanity

I want to talk to you today about Husserl’s explanation of how naturalism, as a general account of reality and therefore of knowledge (which is of course is one part of reality), makes knowledge of knowledge impossible, and thereby destroys the possibility of a rational moral substance for individuals and...

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Foreword: Invitation to the Jesus Life

Confidence in Jesus himself, an awareness that he truly is the Master of the Universe and knows with absolute clarity what is real, good and right, draws us to him as Savior, Lord and Teacher, all in One. That is whole-life faith in Christ. It naturally leads us into longing...

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Phenomenological Tendencies in British Moral Theory

There is an inherent phenomenological tendency in British moral theory, especially from JOHN LOCKE onward. The purpose of his Essay was, he said, to consider the discerning faculties of a man, as they are employed about the objects which they have to do with. This is language that might serve...

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Theology of Dallas Willard

Evangelical Christianity in the United States is currently in a dramatic state of change. In The Theology of Dallas Willard, Gary Black Jr documents Dallas's desire to call evangelicals back to the heart of the gospel revealed in Christ as he is witnessed in the Gospels.

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Preparing for Heaven

Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr discuss questions of if there is an intermediate heavenly state before the final resurrection, if there is work for us to do in heaven, and if we will continue to learn and grow and even increase in personal character formation following our bodily death.

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Hearing God

How do we hear God's voice? How can we be sure that what we think we hear is not our own subconscious? What if what God says to us is not clear? Being close to God means communicating with him, and this communication is a two-way street.

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For Such a Time as This

This free 30 minute weekly Zoom webinar of interactive teaching is based on a 3-part series Dallas presented at a Baylor University retreat for church staff. A 33-page study guide (PDF) is included. Hosted by Doug Webster of Jesus College. Three group studies are being offered on Thursdays at 8:0...

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Renovare Institute for Spiritual Formation

This two-year experience of becoming more like Jesus is a program of intensive study for highly motivated individuals who are looking for something not fully provided by either seminary education or local church life. Includes four 7-day sessions of residential teaching.

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