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Attaining Objectivity: Phenomenological Reduction and the Private Language Argument

Twentieth Century philosophical thought has expressed itself for the most part through two great Movements: the phenomenological and the analytical. Each movement originated in reaction against idealistic—or at least anti-realistic—views of "the world". And each has collapsed back into an idealism not different in effect from that which it initially...

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Review: Back to Things in Themselves, by Joseph Seifert

‘Phenomenology' is understood in this book as the method which leads us to see essences in what they themselves are' (24; cf. 10-11, 30, 321f). Thus,The Aristotelian distinction of four types of causes is a masterful example of phenomenological analysis of things themselves, as they give themselves from their own...

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Is Derrida's View of Ideal Being Rationally Defensible?

In this paper I shall inquire to what extent there may be good reasons for holding (or rejecting) Derrida's view on the existence and nature of ideal being or universals. That is, is his view true or is it false? And are there considerations which can be stated in the...

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Subversive Interview - Part 1

Dallas Willard has spent the best part of his life getting down to business. That has meant stepping down from a pastorate involved in trying to attract people to his church, and immersing himself into the culture around him armed only with a Bible and a desire to make his...

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Life Without Lack

Life Without Lack reveals the secret to enjoying God’s presence and becoming utterly caught up in his abundant generosity. The more we practice living in his presence, the more we experience the peace and freedom from worry that is promised in Psalm 23.

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Allure of Gentleness

When Christians share their faith, they often appeal to reason, logic, and the truth of doctrine. But these tactics often are not effective. A better approach to spread Christ’s word, Dallas Willard suggests, is to use the example of our own lives.

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Early Writings in the Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

Dr Willard translated this book by Edmund Husserl, giving the English reader access to nearly all of the shorter philosophical texts (published or unpublished) produced by Edmund Husserl between the appearances of his first two books; roughly, from 1890 through 1901.

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The Divine Conspiracy Webinar

This free 30 minute weekly Zoom webinar of interactive teaching through The Divine Conspiracy, includes a 32-page study guide (PDF) with links to related Willard teaching. Hosted by Doug Webster of Jesus College. Two studies sessions are being offered on Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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Taking Discipleship Seriously: Understanding the Writings of Dallas Willard

This is the first of several seminars and retreats we are developing to take "on the road." Greg Jesson and Keith Meyer are ready to help your community of believers understand how to read Dallas's books and use them to become more Christlike. Attendees will have the ...

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