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Reflections on Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker

What logical relation, if any, does the theory of evolution have to the argument from the existence of order in the world of nature to the existence of a mind as causal source of (significant aspects of) the world of nature? Many have assumed that it has a very strong...

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Key to the Keys of the Kingdom, The

A pastor confided in me that he loved to spend a short while reading the newspaper in the morning, but felt it would be irresponsible. This was only one of many things he either denied himself or felt guilty about doing because of his perceived work load. He was burdened...

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Why it Matters if You Are Moral

Morally good persons are those who, in their overall existence, are devoted to advancing the various goods of human life with which they are effectively in contact, in a manner that respects their relative degrees of importance and the extent to which the actions of the person in question can...

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Moral Rights, Moral Responsibility and the Contemporary Failure of Moral Knowledge

Human rights are in desperate straits around the world. They are widely proclaimed, but brutally violated on a mind-numbing scale. The basic outlook which I wish to represent in this talk is that moral rights depend, for their effective implementation, upon a certain condition in human community. If the community...

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Allure of Gentleness

When Christians share their faith, they often appeal to reason, logic, and the truth of doctrine. But these tactics often are not effective. A better approach to spread Christ’s word, Dallas Willard suggests, is to use the example of our own lives.

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Called To Business

Dallas had a deep and inspired perspective about work, business, and the professions. This booklet brings together three of his more focused articles about work along with two articles by great thinkers of the past that inspired his ideas and were a standard part whenever he taught on the subject.

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Until Christ is Formed in You

This collection explores Dallas’s unique perspective and teaching on topics including the Beatitudes, the relationship of body and soul, the kingdom of God, discipleship to Jesus, the nature of formation, and Ignatian spirituality.

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The Apprentice Gathering

The Apprentice Gathering is an annual conference for individuals longing to grow in their journey into Christlikeness. This 2.5 day event brings together more than 500 church leaders and laity to join in community to learn and grow as they continue to explore what being a follower of Jesus truly looks like.

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Taking Discipleship Seriously: Understanding the Writings of Dallas Willard

This is the first of several seminars and retreats we are developing to take "on the road." Greg Jesson and Keith Meyer are ready to help your community of believers understand how to read Dallas's books and use them to become more Christlike. Attendees will have the ...

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