The Human Contribution to Holiness: What is Our Part in Putting Off the Old Person and Putting on the New

This Masters-level course was presented in January 2010 at Denver Seminary as a Christian Formation and Soul Care week-long residential intensive. Be ready to take notes!


1. The Human Side of Holiness, part 1

2. The Human Side of Holiness, part 2

3. The Human Side of Holiness, part 3

4. Love as Life, part 1

5. Love as Life, part 2

6. The Reality of Spirit Visible and Invisible

7. The Gospel, the Great Commission and the Beatitudes

8. Soul Rest, Transformation, and the Mind and Body

9. Foundations for Holy Character: The Fruit of the Spirit, Discipleship and Spiritual Disciplines

10. Relationship of Mind and Spirit

11. The Will and Discipleship

12. Disciplines

13. The Disciplines and What We Can Learn From Them

14. Life and Transformation of the Heart
Download session 14 transparency: “The Heart That Jesus Gives”

15. Chance, Discipline and Indirection

16. Knowledge, Grace and Disciplines

17. Discipleship and the Local Congregation

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