"The vision ...

... of life to the full in the kingdom through reliance upon Jesus makes it possible for us to intend to live in the kingdom as he did."

Dallas Willard
Renewing the Christian Mind

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Dallas taught that the most important thing you and God will get from your life is the person you become. He was also careful to point out that this personal growth is not something God does for us, but it is a joint effort. We have to do our part. With that in mind, Dallas taught about all the dimensions of human existence to help us understand how to live every aspect and every moment of our lives in the reality of God’s kingdom.

Virtue Walk Workshop

Join Keith Meyer for a walk through 2 Peter 1:5-8, using Dallas Willard's VIM model to grow in the virtues of faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly/sisterly love, and agape love.  Nine 75-minute Zoom sessions.

Practical Steps

Spiritual disciplines

Spiritual disciplines are practical steps we can take to enter into the teachings of Jesus and make them a part of our lives in the way that God intended them to be, not as external legalisms but rather as expressions of the kind of person that we have become.

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This collection features articles, papers, forewords, lecture notes, handouts and much more.


This collection spans over 30 years of speaking. Listen here or download for free. Handouts for the talks are available for you to download when we have them.


This collection offers a nice overview of Dallas's teaching in Spiritual Formation, Theology and Philosophy. Handouts and PowerPoint presentations are available for you to download when we have them.


Here we highlight offerings of upcoming conferences and courses that expand on Dallas's teaching, as well as smaller study groups. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunities offered near you.


Details about each book Dallas has written are available here, as well as details of several books about Dallas and his work. 

Recommended Reading

People often asked Dallas about books that were important to him or books that will help us grow in specific areas. This section provides a list of books that Dallas personally recommended.


Dallas thought of each of us as a fellow pilgrim on our journey with Christ. The “fellow pilgrims” of our Speakers Bureau studied and worked closely with him for many years and are actively teaching what they learned. Learn how you can engage with them in their unique areas of expertise.

Phil. Syllabi

Professors, students, and amateur philosophers will benefit from reviewing these syllabi from many of Professor Willard’s philosophy courses at the University of Southern California.