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Dallas Willard spent his life making eternal living concrete for his friends. He encouraged us to use our own lives to demonstrate Jesus’s message. We must be transformed people living out a life reflective of Jesus himself, a life of love, humility, and gentleness. He leaves behind a legacy as friend, philosopher and reformer of the church.

We are now accepting applications for the third cohort of The School of Kingdom Living.
Cohort 3 officially begins in September 2022.

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Foreword: Whole Life Transformation

Whole Life Transformation places before us exactly what its title suggests. The message is that success in ministry and in life is found by becoming on the "inside" the kind...

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Unhinging of the American Mind--Derrida as Pretext, The

This conference calls upon us to say something illuminating about the causes of the current condition of the university system in the United States. Social causation is a notoriously slippery...

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Comments on Papers by Nelson, Slife, Reber, and Richardson

[Abstract: I have only tried to deepen our understanding of the issues surrounding the secular assumptions of much current psychology by doing four things: One, pointing out how the drive...

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Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in the 20th Century, The

“The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in the 20th Century.” I don’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I mean it is not accessible.

The issue as it especially affects the church...

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The meaning of the resurrection isn’t just that Jesus won; it’s that he is now living with us.

Dallas Willard

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