Healing the Heart and Life by Walking With Jesus Christ Daily

"Healing the Heart and Life by Walking with Jesus Daily" is a 6-week series presented by Dallas Willard at his home church shortly after the publication of "Renovation of the Heart." Here Dallas explains the progression from a life of brokenness to a life of discipleship in God's kingdom by showing us how we can pursue restoration of our souls. Each meeting is presented on the Dallas Willard Ministries YouTube channel in 2 parts, so there are 12 videos total. Links to handouts and PowerPoint presentations are available in the description that accompanies each session.

Session Titles:
1) How our hearts and lives are broken and the promise of healing.
2) Understanding the will and the mind, the center of brokenness and of healing.
3) Out of the furnace of feeling. Escaping the tyranny of feeling, passion, emotion.
4) The broken body and its social world. Healing the family and its wounds.
5) The restoration of the soul. “He restoreth my soul.”
6) Living wholeness of life in the Kingdom and Power of God. Questions and Answers

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