Men's and Women's Retreats

In October of 1987, Dallas had the unique blessing of leading both the men’s retreat and the women’s retreat for Valley Vista Community Church, his home church. Both retreats were small and intimate, and it often seems like we’re listening in as a father or older brother talks with his family. This is very practical advice on living as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, including working on our plans for how we follow Christ with all the spiritual and the practical aspects of our lives.

Women’s Retreat: A Woman’s Prerogative in Christ

  1. Does God Talk to Girls?
  2. Discussion of "Does God Talk to Girls?"
  3. No Bystanders in the Kingdom!
  4. What is Your Relationship to God?
  5. Discussion of “What is Your Relationship to God?”
  6. Accepting Change
  7. Discussion of “Accepting Change”

    The book Dallas asked the ladies to read prior to the retreat was The Blessing, by Gary Smalley and John Trent.

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