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Knowledge and Naturalism

There is an objective difference between one who has knowledge of something and one who does not. This is true in both the occurrent and the dispositional senses of "knowledge" and "knows." That is, whether or not X has knowledge on a certain point or about a certain matter--knows the...

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Business of Business, The

What is business (manufacturing, commerce) for? Today the spontaneous response to this question is: The business of business is to make money for those who are engaged in it. In fact, this answer is now regarded as so obvious that you might be thought stupid or uninformed if you even...

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Living in the Vision of God

When you go to Assisi, you will find many people who talk a great deal about St. Francis, many monuments to him, and many businesses thriving by selling memorabilia of him. But you will not find anyone who carries in himself the fire that Francis carried. No doubt many fine...

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Foreword: Invitation to the Jesus Life

Confidence in Jesus himself, an awareness that he truly is the Master of the Universe and knows with absolute clarity what is real, good and right, draws us to him as Savior, Lord and Teacher, all in One. That is whole-life faith in Christ. It naturally leads us into longing...

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Renovation of the Heart

Renovation of the Heart is a realistic guide to discipleship and the real challenges of Christian formation. It lays a foundation for understanding the ruin and restoration of humanity, by discussing human nature and its components, how they operate, and how they are renewed.

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Knowing Christ Today

This book deals with the disastrous effects of divorcing the teachings of Jesus Christ and his people from the domain of human knowledge. Its aim is to reposition the substantial teachings of Christianity as a body of knowledge in the contemporary world. In the process it explains what knowledge is...

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Until Christ is Formed in You

This collection explores Dallas’s unique perspective and teaching on topics including the Beatitudes, the relationship of body and soul, the kingdom of God, discipleship to Jesus, the nature of formation, and Ignatian spirituality.

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