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Call to Think for God, The

When I was approached last December about the possibility of bringing this commencement address, it was because of the thought, or hope, that I might be able to cast light on the problem of how to balance the intellectual life with the spiritual life. I work as a professor of...

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Subversive Interview - Part 1

Dallas Willard has spent the best part of his life getting down to business. That has meant stepping down from a pastorate involved in trying to attract people to his church, and immersing himself into the culture around him armed only with a Bible and a desire to make his...

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Conduct Theory and the Prospects of Moral Philosophy

This paper revisits the effort to put moral knowledge on a secular and scientific basis by the analysis of “conduct.” Starting from the works of Herbert Spencer in the 1870’s, mutating through the works of T. H. Green and F. H. Bradley, and terminating in the works of John Dewey...

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Disappearance of Moral Knowledge Symposium 2 Summary

During two invigorating days in February of 2020, approximately 20 friends, pastors, scholars, professors, and practitioners gathered at Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA, to discuss two pertinent topics for contemporary life today: how do you know what is true and do what is good? These two questions were...

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Philosophy of Arithmetic

This is Dr. Willard's translation of Edmund Husserl's first book, which provides a carefully worked out account of number as a categorial or formal feature of the objective world, and of arithmetic as a symbolic technique for mastering the infinite field of numbers for knowledge.

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Until Christ is Formed in You

This collection explores Dallas’s unique perspective and teaching on topics including the Beatitudes, the relationship of body and soul, the kingdom of God, discipleship to Jesus, the nature of formation, and Ignatian spirituality.

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Divine Conspiracy Continued

Co-authored by Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr., this book is the sequel to The Divine Conspiracy and continues Dallas's series on the Kingdom of God by looking at God's plan to intervene in human history through His disciples who live out His calling in their life through their professions.

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