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Comments on Bettina Bergo's paper, "What Is Levinas Doing"

The question "What is Levinas Doing" is a very appropriate one, given the way he works and writes, and I think Prof. Bergo's paper does a very useful service in pointing out similarities, differences and relations between certain aspects of Levinas' thought, on the one hand, and aspects of work...

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Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in the 20th Century, The

“The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge in the 20th Century.” I don’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I mean it is not accessible.

The issue as it especially affects the church - the disappearance of Jesus the teacher and the emergence of Christianity without discipleship. This is a major part of...

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Who Needs Brentano? The Wasteland of Philosophy Without its Past

In the volume of studies which forms the immediate background for this conference1, we read of "the oblivion into which the figure and thought of Brentano have fallen," and of his current "invisibility." (pp. xv, 9, etc.) I believe Brentano to be someone of great philosophical value in his own...

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Materialism & Personality OR: What Physics Can't Do

I need to enter two preliminary clarifications:

One is that in speaking of what physics can't do I am by no means intending to criticize physics, which as a field of knowledge contains no claims whatsoever about what it can or cannot do. In this respect it resembles most fields...

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Disappearance of Moral Knowledge

This book deals with the disappearance of morality from the accepted fields of knowledge over the last one hundred years. Thus it deals with a historical and social phenomenon, but one that is substantially philosophical.

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Knowing Christ Today

This book deals with the disastrous effects of divorcing the teachings of Jesus Christ and his people from the domain of human knowledge. Its aim is to reposition the substantial teachings of Christianity as a body of knowledge in the contemporary world. In the process it explains what knowledge is...

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Living in Christ's Presence

Dallas teamed up with John Ortberg in February 2013 for the Dallas Willard Center's inaugural conference in Santa Barbara, California. John and Dallas have been ministry partners for decades, which was quite evident as they taught together and shared insights into living more fully in the presence of Christ daily.

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