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Integrity of the Mental Act: Husserlian Reflections on a Fregian Problem, The

There is a general structure present in the event of something standing before us as the object of our consciousness. Obviously, for not just any event is an event of this sort. Such an event must be one with characteristic parts, interrelated in a definite manner, for it is a...

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Spirit of Galileo, The

Knowledge grows and information increases when we test ideas and beliefs against the realities they presume. This is true in all areas of life, including the personal and the spiritual.

When Galileo dropped weights from the tower of Pisa and performed other experiments with moving bodies, he tested ideas that...

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Review: Husserl's Position in the School of Brentano, by Robin D. Rollinger

This useful volume is said by the author to be "first and foremost concerned with Husserl's relation with other pupils of Brentano." (p. 3) "Given the influence of Brentano on Husserl and others," he remarks, "the question naturally arises how Husserl's philosophical orientation stands viz-a-viz that of each of these...

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International Forum on Christian Higher Education: Measuring Matters Of The Heart

The basic problem of character formation today, whether in the school or elsewhere, is the lack of a clear and convincing body of knowledge about what moral worth and attainment is in the individual, and how it can be achieved.

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Soul Keeping

John Ortberg's Soul Keeping combines honoring reflections of John's friendship with Dallas with important lessons about the soul. Jesus said your soul is worth more than the world. You’d be an idiot not to prize it above all else. Wouldn’t it be worth knowing how to care for it?


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Living in Christ's Presence

Dallas teamed up with John Ortberg in February 2013 for the Dallas Willard Center's inaugural conference in Santa Barbara, California. John and Dallas have been ministry partners for decades, which was quite evident as they taught together and shared insights into living more fully in the presence of Christ daily.

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Knowing Christ Today

This book deals with the disastrous effects of divorcing the teachings of Jesus Christ and his people from the domain of human knowledge. Its aim is to reposition the substantial teachings of Christianity as a body of knowledge in the contemporary world. In the process it explains what knowledge is...

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