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The Soul

A 3-part sermon series from Valley Vista Community Church, Dallas’s home church, in August 1990.

  1. An Introduction to Your Soul
  2. The Sufficiency of God to Your Soul
  3. Prayer – A Working Relationship with God
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Calvin College Institute of Christian Worship 2008 Symposium on Worship

Three recordings from Dallas’s time at Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) for their Symposium on Worship in January of 2008:

  1. Plenary Address: Worship as the Fine Texture of Real Life
    Outline PDF
  2. Workshop: Understanding the Battle Between the Flesh and the Spirit
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  3. Interview: Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. interviewed Dallas about key topics in The Great Omission, The Divine Conspiracy, and Renovation of the Heart.
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Moral Knowledge: The Thoughts and Intents of the Heart

Dr. Willard's lecture at the 2010 Psychiatry and Spirituality forum covered key material from his book, The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge, and what that disappearance means for us. Be sure to continue to Part 2, which includes some great Q&A, after Part 1 below.
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Spiritual Formation in the Academy

Dallas spoke at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's National Faculty Conference, June 22-26, 2008. His teaching sessions blended spiritual formation and the academy, "and there is no place more important for spiritual formation than the academy."

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