Teaching Series

Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus

This 4-part series on Biblical Christian Apologetics was recorded at Grace Church in Los Alamitos, CA in April 1990. It later became the foundation for the book, The Allure of Gentleness.

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The Cross and Discipleship

Teaching Notes

Dallas participated in the 2003 Desert Stream Ministries Spring Conference by teaching Saturday morning sessions about the greatest bargain and opportunity human beings will ever have.

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The Disciple, the Disciplines and the Triumphant Life

Dallas taught this 11-week series at Rolling Hills Covenant Church in 1981 for people who really want to be like Jesus and have made an intentional decision to be a disciple of Christ.

The Disciple: To be a disciple is to be a learner. In the days when the New Testament was written, it was understood that a person discipled themselves to another individual because they wanted to be like that other individual.
The Disciplines: Chosen or purposeful activities wherein we learn to live by the power of God and in the character of God by the grace of God.
The Triumphant Life: A life of holiness and spiritual power that manifests itself in likeness to Christ.

Dallas mentions Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline, throughout the series. Richard’s book had just been published in 1978, and Dallas’s The Spirit of the Disciplines was later released in 1988.

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From Forgiveness to Blessing

On May 11, 1996, Dallas spent a Saturday morning at the Presbyterian Church of the Master in Mission Viejo, CA, teaching on the topic of forgiveness. (Note: The sessions were recorded on cassette tapes, which creating short gaps in the audio when the tapes ran out in the middle of each session.)

  • Session 1A - Introduction. Some scriptures about forgiveness. Discussion of terms like mercy, confession, prayer, anger, love and sin.
  • Session 1B - Sin, unforgiveness, regret, loving our enemies. Three things forgiveness does NOT mean: I stop hurting, I forget what happened, I treat the person exactly as before. 
  • Session 2A - Being forgiven, confession, living in truth. Moving from being forgiven to forgiving others, and how those are connected in the Kingdom. Learning not to take up the offense in the first place. From forgiveness we move into "living from God."
  • Session 2B - Moving from forgiveness to blessing. Doing good for the people around us. An overview of the Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:24-26) and an exercise in blessing your neighbor.
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Healing the Heart and Life by Walking With Jesus Christ Daily

"Healing the Heart and Life by Walking with Jesus Daily" is a 6-week series presented by Dallas Willard at his home church shortly after the publication of "Renovation of the Heart." Here Dallas explains the progression from a life of brokenness to a life of discipleship in God's kingdom by showing us how we can pursue restoration of our souls. Each meeting is presented on the Dallas Willard Ministries YouTube channel in 2 parts, so there are 12 videos total. Links to handouts and PowerPoint presentations are available in the description that accompanies each session.

Session Titles:
1) How our hearts and lives are broken and the promise of healing.
2) Understanding the will and the mind, the center of brokenness and of healing.
3) Out of the furnace of feeling. Escaping the tyranny of feeling, passion, emotion.
4) The broken body and its social world. Healing the family and its wounds.
5) The restoration of the soul. “He restoreth my soul.”
6) Living wholeness of life in the Kingdom and Power of God. Questions and Answers

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Kingdom Living - It’s A Wonderful Life!

This series is considered a follow-up to The Divine Conspiracy. Dallas shares a way to experience God as an essential part of the here and now, rather than only as a part of the hereafter.

Session Titles:
1) Living in the Kingdom of God is Walking in the Character and Power of God.
2) The Kingdom of God as the Basis for Death to Self
3) How to be In the World but Not Of It.
4) The New Kind of Human Life and It's Community
5) Learning Love
6) The Word of The Kingdom as Life Force - How to Respond

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Life Without Lack

This 8-part series on how to live in the reality of the 23rd Psalm was presented as a mid-week evening Bible study at Valley Vista Christian Community, Dallas and Jane’s home church, in 1991. Later material from Dallas's teaching on these topics has been blended into the transcripts of these recordings and published in a book, Life Without Lack, in 2018. As you listen, we invite you to follow along with a copy of his original handout.  

WARNING: This series was recorded on cassette tapes, so while the teaching quality is wonderful, the audio quality leaves something to be desired.

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Spiritual Formation in the Academy

Dallas spoke at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's National Faculty Conference, June 22-26, 2008. His teaching sessions blended spiritual formation and the academy, "and there is no place more important for spiritual formation than the academy."

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The Kingdom Of God Teaching Series

This eight-part series presented at Hollywood Presbyterian Church previews and elaborates on themes found in The Divine Conspiracy, The Spirit of the Disciplines, and other of Dallas Willard's writings. Especially helpful are the connections made between Jesus' teaching and our contemporary cultural setting.

There are seven presentations:

  • "The Meaning of the Rule of Heaven"

  • "Rule of Heaven in the Old Testament"

  • "The Beatitudes as Gospel"

  • "Beyond the Righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees"

  • "The Power of The Word of the Kingdom"

  • "How to Become a Disciple"

  • "Disciplines for the Spiritual Life"

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Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind

In this 7-part Scripture and Ministry series, Dr. Willard discusses the role of scripture in the renewing of the mind, and the role of the pastor and the congregation in this process. The larger picture of Christian "spiritual formation" is discussed and how it relates to "growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"? Does being saved have anything to do with transformation of character? Recorded at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, October 2010.

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