The Allure of GentlenessThe Allure of Gentleness:
Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus


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When Christians share their faith, they often appeal to reason, logic, and the truth of doctrine. But these tactics often are not effective. A better approach to spread Christ’s word, Dallas Willard suggests, is to use the example of our own lives. To demonstrate Jesus’s message, we must be transformed people living out a life reflective of Jesus himself, a life of love, humility, and gentleness.

This beautiful model of life—this allure of gentleness—Willard argues, is the foundation for making the most compelling argument for Christianity, one that will convince others that there is something special about Christianity and the Jesus we follow. [MORE]


Eternal LivingEternal Living:
Reflections on Dallas Willard's Teaching on Faith and Formation


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Also on Kindle, Nook and in Audio CD and Audio Download formats.

Dallas Willard spent his life making eternal living concrete for his friends. His example as a follower of Christ inspired friends, family, colleagues, students, and leaders of the church to gather their reflections in a collection that allows us to see his impact as friend, philosopher and reformer of the church.

Curated by Willard's long-time colleague and friend Gary Moon, who has also contributed a brief introductory biography to the book, this medley of images, snapshots and "Dallas-isms" seeks to move and motivate readers toward deeper experiences of God through the sharing of stories from the lives of the writers. Whether influenced by him as a family member, close friend, advisor, professor, philosopher, minister or reformer, contributors bring refreshing insight into not only his ideas and what shaped him, but also to his contagious theology of grace and joy. [MORE]


Additional Projects Underway

Many thanks to these fellow pilgrims for their efforts in keeping Dr. Willard's work moving forward!






Dallas Willard
September 4, 1935 - May 8, 2013

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