Renewing the Christian MindRenewing the Christian Mind:
Essays, Interviews and Talks

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In this wide-ranging collection of essential readings from Dr. Willard—including 15 previously unpublished chapters—we find wisdom, knowledge and truth for growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Dr. Willard began working with Dr. Gary Black Jr in early 2013 to select and organize the collection into five main categories: spiritual transformation, discipleship, theology, leadership, and an additional section featuring ten interviews on a variety of subjects related to spiritual thinking. Several of the pieces have broad implications on topics that affect all readers, while other entries are directed at specific audiences, from church leaders (and those who train them) to laypeople looking for spiritual counsel and nurture. This created an anthology perfect for teaching and academic settings, as well as church reading groups. [MORE]


Hearing God Through the Year

• 312 devotional readings (6 days per week for one year)
• Based on Hearing God and other writings and talks by Dallas Willard
• Compiled, edited and freshly updated by Jan Johnson
• Jan guides us into a time of reflection and prayer at the end of each reading


Additional Projects Underway

Many thanks to these fellow pilgrims for their efforts in keeping Dr. Willard's work moving forward!

Dallas Willard
September 4, 1935 - May 8, 2013

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Hear Dr. Willard teach on
Incarnation and Celebration
at his home church, December 2007.





The first conference honoring Dr. Willard’s work in philosophy was held at Boston University on November 6-7, 2015. Video of all 12 presentations is now available on-line courtesy of the Dallas Willard Center. The conference organizers (Walter Hopp and Steve Porter) and many of the other conference speakers are Dr. Willard’s former students. Their topics addressed the central themes in his work.
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Dallas Willard Conference

Co-sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, the Boston University Center for the Humanities, and the Dallas Willard Center.

Speakers: J.P. Moreland, Aaron Preston, Steve Porter, Erin Seeba, Brendan Sweetman, Gregg Ten Elshof, R. Douglas Geivett, Brian Glenney, Walter Hopp, Burt Hopkins, Greg Jesson, and David Kasmier.


  Fellowship and Study Opportunities

If your church or fellowship group is participating in the Curriculum for Christlikeness series or studying the concepts in one of Dr. Willard's books in another way, we'd like to help you spread the word to others in your area. Send information about your meetings to Becky@dwillard.org, including the dates, time and location of your meetings. We'll post these in our Resources section under Fellowship and Study Opportunities.

Current listings include the following cities:
Louisville, KY; Melbourne, FL; Springfield, MO; Cleveland, OH; Oak Brook, IL; Bartlesville, OK; and in California - Irvine, Orange, San Diego, Van Nuys and Visalia.


Small Group Guides

HarperOne has created very thoughtful reading and discussion guides for The Divine Conspiracy, Knowing Christ Today, The Allure of Gentleness and The Spirit of the Disciplines.